Looking to spruce up your home with an outdoor blind? If this is your first time, it’s understandable to feel intimidated. There are so many outdoor blinds to choose from after all. Although personal preference is where it all comes down to, you should at least know the makings of a good outdoor blind.

As with any other investment you make for your home, buying the best blinds possible is a must. It’s your money after all so it’s only right that you get the most out of it. When it comes to finding which blinds are the best, the answer becomes a bit longer as there are so many things to consider.

What makes a good outdoor blind good? Is it the material used? The maker of the blinds? The truth is that there are many things. Here are the most important qualities that you need to look for when getting an outdoor blind for your home.


Some outdoor blinds are made with a mixture of chemicals which can be bad for your health. There are those made chemical-free like these Australian made outdoor blinds which are also odorless. Another good thing about chemical-free outdoor blinds is that they aren’t susceptible to fire hazards as well. The common materials used in making blinds include lead, mercury, and chromium. Some of these have been proven to have bad side effects on your health.


Outdoor blinds are supposed to protect you from prying eyes as well. As these blinds usually cover large windows or doors, it is a must that they prevent those from the outside from seeing what’s on the inside. It’s for privacy matters and this is one of the most important aspects of picking a good blind.

This doesn’t mean that the blinds you choose have to be made of wood or some other thick material. Some blinds are made well. They can allow you to see the outside without any obstruction whatsoever. However, those from the outside will have zero visibility of what’s going on inside. 

Cold And Heat-Resistance

Outdoor blinds are exposed to harsh outside elements. This only means that if you are planning to get an outdoor blin, you need to get one that can stand the challenges of extreme weather – be it hot or cold. Remember, the blinds are going to be exposed 24/7 so this type of durability is a must.

This will depend on where you are. If you are in a region where the heat gets too intense, then get an outdoor blind that focuses more on resisting heat. Blinds like these are also able to distribute heat evenly so they can prevent your home from becoming as hot as an oven during those intense summer days.

Extreme weather resistance also matters because exposure to these elements can cause poorly made blinds to disintegrate over time. A good outdoor blind should be able to withstand such weather conditions so that it can last for years without wearing out.


Outdoor blinds can be made out of various materials – most of which are similar to the blinds you see at home. The type of material you should get not only depends on your style preference, but it also depends on your needs as well.

  • Wood – If you want a rustic and classic appeal to your home, consider getting wood blinds. The problem with wood blinds for outdoor setups is that they can be tricky to maintain as they are often exposed to moisture which can cause warping and mold.
  • Faux Wood – As the name itself says, faux wood isn’t really wood but it’s made to look like one. You get to keep the natural look of wood without having to suffer from its drawbacks such as its susceptibility to weather and moisture.

  • Metal – Aluminum blinds may not look as great as other blinds but in terms of heat and light absorption, they are the best money can buy. A downside to aluminum blinds is that they can get a bit noisy especially during windy seasons.
  • Plastic – These blinds are mostly made out of PVC or other vinyl materials. Aside from being the most affordable type of blind, these are also very versatile when it comes to design and coloring since they are synthetic and the makers can do whatever they please with the color.
  • Special Fabrics – Over the last couple of years, some manufacturers have perfected the art of making great outdoor blinds using special fabric. These fabrics are able to absorb heat and cold, provide excellent privacy, and even prevent dust and dirt from getting to your home. They are more expensive but many homeowners think these are worth the premium price.

Easy To Handle

A good blind needs to be easy to pull up as it is as easy to drawdown. There will be some emergency cases where you’ll need to pull up the blinds. If your blinds take a lot of effort to draw down, it’s going to take quite a while before you get your house or windows covered.

Blinds with a roller system are not really practical as they take a lot of work to bring up. We suggest going for blinds that work on a button system. There are high-tech blinds that you can easily control with the press of a button and these are some of the best that money can buy.

Extra Features

There are many extra features that you should look for in an outdoor blind. The most popular of which is that the blinds should be made out of blackout material. This is a material that can prevent light from getting into your home. Perfect for areas where the sunlight can get too much to bear.

These are just some of the best qualities that you must look for when getting a blind for your home. Make sure to consider your design preferences as well as you’d only want the best for your home when it comes to design and aesthetics. Hopefully, you get to find your blinds soon.