Retirement should not be something to be afraid of, in fact, retirement brings you freedom from the daily hustle and struggle of work and the rat race. Retirement is that period where you get to enjoy your life again free from the responsibilities of raising a family and earning a livelihood. With your retirement, you can finally have the time for yourself and your loved one, you can explore and go on adventures together and need not worry if the kids are home safe and fed, or worry will your kids ever graduate, find a job, or get married. Retirement is living the life you want after all the responsibilities have been done, and for most people, it is a good idea to retire in communities like Las Vegas 55 plus communities. These are retirement communities where everyone is like you in age and have similar interests and hobbies, where you can still be active and enjoy the amenities in the community or simply live with peace and quiet. Yes, retirement communities will be your new home and you will have the time of your life in it. 

What Is Las Vegas 55 plus Communities?

Las Vegas 55 plus communities are retirement communities in the Las Vegas area, it is located in a gated community with guards and ample security, it is a community either as townhouses, apartments, and condominiums that share common areas and amenities. You live independently in your own homes but can enjoy the amenities of the community like their tennis courts, library, kitchen, golf course and swimming pools, clubhouses, and even a park. The communities are well-maintained and all you have to do is enjoy them, or you can even just enjoy the peace and quiet in your own home. The best thing about these communities is that you do not have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance, the only thing you are responsible for is your own home. Some communities even take care of your yard and the exteriors of your house. Imagine living in a home that is always immaculately clean and picture-perfect, and where there is no loud booming music from your neighbors or the noise from passing cars, trucks, or buses. Moreover, the communities only accept people who are 55 years old and above, some even require 60 years old. This would mean that when you go out and enjoy some physical activities, you do so with people who are just like you, out for a good game of tennis or golf and enjoying the idyllic views inside the community. 

Where Can You Find Las Vegas 55 plus Communities?

Las Vegas 55 plus communities are found in a number of locations in the Las Vegas area, some of which include Summerlin, Anthem, Los Prados, Macdonald Ranch, Lake Las Vegas, Madeira Canyon, North Ranch, and Stallion Mountains. Whatever scenery or view you want; you can surely find a 55 plus community that will suit your preferences and needs. Moreover, the communities are always within a short distance from popular restaurants and shops that if you want to go out for a fancy dinner with your spouse, it is just as easy for you to do so. You also get to enjoy a certain level of security as these communities are always inside a gated area and there are security guards for every entrance and exit in the community. You will get to know your neighbors and meet them regularly if you require a certain level of activity and fitness, or you can meet them up for a barbecue or picnic in the common areas of the community. If you are interested in visiting a couple of 55 plus communities, then call your realtor and he or she will schedule one with your location of choice, or explore some off-beat location and you might just be surprised! 

What Are The Requirements In Applying for Las Vegas 55 plus Communities?

As Las Vegas 55 plus communities are retirement communities, the primary requirement in owning a home in this community is your age. Some communities require that you be at least 55 years old in order to live there, some even require that you be 60 years old. So, really, this community is exclusively for those who have retired from their jobs, businesses, and organizations and just want to live the rest of their lives in peace and among the people they can interact with on a regular basis. Since they do not have jobs to go to or businesses to run, then they can do whatever they like during the day, they can wake up late, go walking around the community, play tennis or golf and exchange pleasantries with neighbors and then go home and do their routines or take a break and go shopping or eat at a famous restaurant. The second requirement is that any children of yours that are below 18 years old cannot become a permanent resident in your home. They can visit and maybe spend the night or two, but they are not allowed to live with you permanently. Then there are the HOA fees that you have to pay for the upkeep of the community, from garbage collection to the maintenance of yards, roads, and amenities. The general rule is, the more amenities the community has, the higher the HOA fees. But you can tailor-fit your choice of communities by the kind of amenities you want that is suitable to your activity level and interests.

What Are The Rules in Las Vegas 55 plus Communities?

Since retirement communities like Las Vegas 55 plus communities cater to older adults of retirement age, there are strict rules on the visiting of grandchildren and children, for one, grandchildren are allowed to visit for a period of three months over a twelve-month period only, they can visit and stay for a night but they have to adhere to the strict rules in the community. Children below 18 years old are not allowed to live with you, while your partner has to be forty years old and above to be able to stay with you. Pets are allowed but each community has a specific set of rules and you should check this first if you have a dear pet with you.