People spend a huge chunk of time buying a home and then decorating it according to their personal style (and even more so thinking about it). Some focus on the furniture while some people buy signature art pieces for every corner of their house. The truth is that every house tells a different story and it’s the story of its life.

A house is merely a building, it becomes a home when you design it the way you want.

A room without any furniture feels hollow – devoid of that homely feeling. The same is also true for not having rugs in your living space: something feels missing. Rugs offer different dimensions and styles to work with, perfect for all spaces. They come in such a wide range that you can find one that fits any taste.

What Do Rugs Signify?

Rugs are not only an essential aspect of the interior design of your house but serve many more purposes. If you want to highlight any spot, you can buy a rug for that specific space. Rugs are best for condos and apartments as you can separate different parts of the house using rugs.

You can use different patterns and textures to liven up any boring part of your house. If you want to mark a certain spot as your safe space, invest in a soft and cozy rug and watch it become an important part of your life.

How To Pick The Best Rug For Your Living Space

You have to consider many factors before you buy any type of rug for your house because it’s not something unnoticeable that you can put away if you don’t like it anymore. So, think carefully. We have some advice for you:

Choose A Theme

When you have selected the area of the house, you have to decide what type of message you want to give out using your rug. Make sure it fits the theme of your choice.

Pick A Style

You can pick a rug of any color, shape, pattern, or texture. It all comes down to your style. Different rooms of your house can have a rug of their own so choose accordingly.

Right Size

Sometimes a rug can make a space look cluttered so you need to ensure you buy the right size. An ill-fitted rug can make everything in a room look out of place so you can either take all the right measurements or get some professional help if you’re buying a rug for your living room.

How To Use Rugs For Styling Your Home

Now, let’s move on to using rugs to fulfill any kind of purpose you have in mind.

Rugs can be used for:

Focus On Visual Appeal

First up is the visual appeal of rugs and that means you can use any specific rug that blends in well with the aesthetic of your house. Is there a furniture piece you don’t like? Place a vibrant rug underneath it to give it all the limelight. Don’t be shy to display your likes and interests using rugs because they give every room a bit of personality. 

Fill Up Any Empty Spaces

Do you have hallways or corners of the house that seem empty to you? Buy a small-sized rug and you can take it further by placing a side table or a plant to give the space some life. You can use rugs to dress up any part of the house and tell a story!

Use Them As Sound Absorbers

Did you know that rugs are quite effective at sound absorption if you have any hardwood floors in your house or an area covered with tiles? So, apart from decoration, rugs can be used to turn your apartment into the perfect living space for you.

Build A Special Corner

You can never go wrong with having a safe space for yourself in your house. You can also use that space to turn it into something meaningful and have your family and friends over. You buy a rug that’s quite colorful and speaks to you and place it anywhere you like.

Decorate Your Walls

Who said rugs are only meant for the floors of your house? When it comes to your house, the good thing is that no one else can make the rules. So, buy an embroidered or textured rug and hang it on your walls as an art piece. Another amazing way to use rugs is to hide any stubborn stains on your floors or walls and place a nice rug above them.

Complement Your Design Scheme

If you have got a little design scheme going on in your house, you can choose a rug that can complement the scheme. It makes your entire house look more put together and beautiful.

Show The Quirky Side Of Your Personality

Rugs are one of the easiest ways to show off any quirks or interests you have. You can find printed or colorful rugs and just decide to place them in your house. Sometimes you become too focused on one part of the house and this leads to the rest of the house looking neutral. That’s why rugs can also be used to introduce yourself to any of your future guests. 

Add Some Depth To The House

Sometimes your favorite coffee table or couch needs a rug that can highlight its beauty and add more depth to the furniture piece. Your house can use a little visual appeal and depth because rugs just make any space feel more welcoming. Imagine your guests taking off their shoes and feeling the warmth of every fiber.

Try Using A Splash Of Color

Suppose you have an all-white colored bathroom with the same-colored tiles, you can use a rug to make the space look livelier and fun!

Display Your Character With Different Textures

Textured rugs are the easiest way to add more character and dimension to your living room or your home office. There are many textures of rugs available that are perfect for adding some positive contrast to your floors.

Brighten Up Dark Spaces

You can decorate your house based on your style but any space that lacks some sort of color looks a bit dead. Therefore, you need a splash of color every once in a while. You can use textured or colored rugs to bring light to any dimly lit areas of your house.

Try Out Versatile Patterns

There are no limitations when it comes to picking out a rug for your house. You can place different textures and layer it all up and it will blend in within any living space. That’s the thing about rugs, they take the shape and form of any space you want. So, make sure you check out any random collections because you might find a perfect pattern that goes well with your room.