Whilst making any changes in the new home is quite uncommon, it is highly recommended as it is easier to do all the work, especially the messy ones, whilst the house is empty or before removalists deliver your belongings. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about leaving stains on the furniture or appliances, and you won’t have to worry about moving items from one place to another so you can work on a certain area.

Change the locks.

Always prioritise the safety of your family and property. When possible, visit the home earlier to change all the external locks before moving in. This way, you can ensure that you and your family are the only ones who have access to the home. While the previous owners may have surrendered the keys, there is no guarantee that they have surrendered all copies. It is safer to replace external locks before any valuables are delivered into the home.

Clean the entire home.

Even if the previous owners have had the house professionally cleaned, it will be beneficial to do some cleaning before moving in to remove any dirt that may have accumulated while the property is unoccupied. Deep cleaning the property will be more challenging once the furniture and other pieces are in place. Hence, it would be better to schedule the delivery later or visit the property earlier to clean everything before your items are delivered.

Update the flooring and ceiling.

One of the best opportunities for changing the flooring and the ceiling is whilst the house is empty.

  • Flooring

Whether you don’t like the existing carpet or the hardwood needs changing, working on flooring projects is more convenient when you don’t have furniture and appliances to move around. If you’re hiring a company to do the work for you, they might offer some discounts since it will be less work for them. The same is true for DIY flooring projects. Removing the carpet and sanding the floor involves a lot of dust and dirt that may damage the furniture and may become a health hazard for children and pets. For this reason, it is better to do the work before everybody moves in.

  • Ceiling

Older properties may have popcorn ceilings and walls. This surface is made using a spray-on textured ceiling finish, which resembles cottage cheese or popcorn when applied to surfaces. While these surfaces are helpful in reducing noise in the home, this type of finish is also great for hiding dust and dirt. Before moving in, consider replacing them with a ceiling or wall finish that fits your desired aesthetics. If you have children, it is ideal to choose a finish that is easier to clean.

Check smoke detectors and air filters.

As a precaution, always check if all the smoke detectors installed around the house are working properly. Even if the property has been vacant for a long time, you may need to replace the batteries to make sure the devices are working and don’t need replacement.

Replace air filters before or when you move in to make sure they are clean. Even if the existing air filters were recently replaced, they may have gathered dirt, dust, and other particles that may be harmful to your health, especially to children.

Paint interior surfaces.

Painting interior surfaces before the furniture arrives will save you time and money since you don’t have to buy furniture covers and drape or move furniture where excess paint may drip. It gives you or the painters the opportunity to maximise the available space for painting materials and tools, as well as the freedom to move around. It may be difficult to choose a colour, but it’s worth a shot.