Schlage Vs Kwikset, which one would you rather recommend? Which one do you prefer for your personal use? Which is more reliable? Are both worth being installed? Those are some of the questions that are expected to arise once the two brands I’ve mentioned are placed side by side. But if your question rather goes, “What are those though?” or “What’s the difference anyway?” well, you’ll be needing a bit of background.

Schlage and Kwikset

To begin with, Schlage and Kwikset are both lock manufacturer brands that offer electronic locks. Both brands had been established in the ’90s, which means that both have already been around for many decades. That part alone in their history says a lot already. Usually, companies who get to stay in the industry for such a long time are the ones who have exceptional services and products which the mass continuously support up to this date. These two big names associated with the lock industry almost have the same offers, and sometimes even the materials and their manufacturing processes are mostly alike.


Yes, they offer electronic locks but aside from electronic locks Schlage also has products such as deadbolts, knobs, levers, handsets, smart locks, and even some hardware and accessories. They are complete with almost all a homeowner or business owner’s needs when it comes to lock.

Here’s the variety of Schlage electronic locks to choose from should this be your interest or even if it’s your clients’ – Schlage Touch Deadbolt, Schlage Touch Lever, Schlage Keypad Deadbolt, Schlage Keypad Lock. There are those bunch to choose from. For their electronic smart locks Schlage Smart Deadbolt, Schlage Connected Keypad Lock, Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, and Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt are what you can choose from. Those are just their electronic and smart locks, and well, obviously, they got loads more to offer under, deadbolts, knob, and lever.


I’ve mentioned that both Kwikset and Schlage offers electronic locks, but that’s not the only product Kwikset has to offer. Aside from electronic locks, they also offer the following – handle sets, deadbolts, levers, knobs, light commercial products, and even door hardware accessories. Kwikset also has a SmartKey Security Lock which they claim to be better than a regular lock.

Kwikset SmartKey Security Lock

This kind of lock, believe it or not, could let you easily rekey your locks without going through the hassle of detaching your lock from your door and meticulously disassembling it until it drops the old lock pins that have to be replaced. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well that’s just how to rekey a traditional mechanical lock which could be seen commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings. Not that easy, eh? Well, with the presence of Kwikset SmartKey Security Lock, it sure will be.

I’m not going to make this too detailed, but I would state here how this Kwikset SmartKey Security Lock works. This type of lock could be rekeyed by anyone, literally anyone who has the SmartKey paired with the door lock. The SmartKey is the game-changer here. With this key inserted within the SmartKey Hole, and by following simple steps, the SmartKey holder would be able to rekey the lock in just a few seconds. If a home is also equipped with this type of lock with all its doors, it would also be possible for the SmartKey holder to rekey all locks to be paired with just one key. Well, that’s it for their Kwikset SmartKey Security Lock.

Schlage Vs Kwikset – A Comparison

Kwikset SmartKey Security Lock
Now that you have at least a bit of a background about these two brands – Schlage and Kwikset, you would now be able to tell the difference between the two. Both offer a wide variety of locks and both didn’t get left behind with the advancements of technology which involves electronic and smart locks. You may expect their products’ designs and even the quality to vary, but the fact that both have lots of different locks and accessories to choose from is indeed fascinating. The obvious difference, however, is the existence of the product – SmartKey Security Lock.

I’ve read an article before which was stating that Schlage used to have a rekeyable lock which almost has the same function and design with the Kwikset SmartKey Security Lock. The difference, however, is the way of rekeying the locks. But if rekeying isn’t your or your client’s priority anyway then it wouldn’t matter that much whether a lock manufacturer has an easy-to-rekey lock.
Schlages Kwikset – A Comparison
Locks are necessary whether it be a traditional mechanical lock or a latest electronic lock. Aside from the type of lock and the purpose of the lock, the quality of the lock should be one of the priorities. There are also other locks manufacturers who also have reliable products. These two are just some of the brands that have their names established in the industry.

Wanna Check the Price Tag?

High-quality security is worth spending for, but you still might want to know the difference between the prices of Schlage and Kwikset. This may not be about how both brands could provide you or your customer safety, but no matter how much people deny, this part would still matter by the end of the day.

In addition to the comparison, some people claim that some types of Schlage locks are made out of stronger materials compared to the materials Kwikset uses for their locks, which explains just why Schlage locks are more expensive compared to that of Kwikset’s. Schlage may not be offering a lock such as Kwikset SmartKey Security Lock but some claim that the quality of their lock is better.

The price may matter at times especially if you or your clients have a limited budget allocated to locks or security in general, but what matters more is the safety of one can get from being able to secure their place with locks they can trust. Let that sink in. I’ve already mentioned some of the differences between Schlage and Kwikset, it’s up to you to evaluate and weigh your priorities when it comes to choosing which one to rely on.

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