Even though you’re far away from your loved ones, FloraQueen’s global delivery service still surprises you with an incredible gift sending flowers to the USA. Send a broad selection for special occasions and cut the distance from you and the most important in your life by fresh roses, roses, lilies, carnations, and gerberas.

You will discover a country more in love with panama flowers than the United States with difficulty. With its striking nature, many floral traditions, such as flowers at the International Mother’s Day and roses at Valentine’s Day, originated in the United States without surprise. With so many individuals living far from home or overseas, sending flowers is an especially good way to remind those of you who are far from thinking about them. This tradition is being acknowledged widely and now in more than 100 nations, it is being practiced and why is it so? Of course, you get right, people find it an easy way to express their feelings of sorrow and happiness. Flowers are the ultimate source of showing sympathy and love for others. The main goal of sending flowers is to make people smile and it is considered as an act of kindness too.
Send Flowers to the USA
Every time you want to impress with a perfect birthday, anniversary, marriage or thank you gift for your friends and relatives in America, it’s already an excellent time to send flowers to usa. Alternatively, one of the many other festivities in the whole year, such as Mother’s Day, the Second Sunday of May, Valentine’s Day, or even the 4th of July for Independence Day celebrations, might bring you excellent surprises.

We can send flower arrangements to over 100 nations around the globe with our global floral delivery service. We collaborate with local florists worldwide to guarantee that your bouquet is freshly arranged and almost shipped everywhere. If you send any last-minute gifts, we can also send flowers quickly via the same day or next day delivery.

Recall if you want to give flowers on the same day:

  • Simply order before 16:00* Monday-Friday if you want to ship floral during the week.
  • For the shipment of the same day please place your order on Saturdays before 10:10* and on Sundays before 15:00*.
  • Extra charges are applicable on weekends, the same day and next day.

Send Flowers
Moreover, it is important to note that we provide a range of flowers to send them on different occasions which include:

  • Subtle Freshness: Roses and Lilies
  • Infinite Love: 12 Red Roses
  • Vibrancy: Yellow and Pink
  • Harmony: Roses and Callas
  • Innocent Love: Lilies and Roses

Give us a call amount and the precise date of the ceremony. For further data, you can use the unique requests box. The florist receives a special application and helps to fulfill your order. Isn’t it interesting that you can just send them by requesting your order instead of visiting yourself a market and driving to that person? Do you think it will surprise that person? Obviously not! The best surprise is to send them without their notice and let them think and astonish for a while on their special day!