If you buy a hot tub, you can’t jump in your hot tub time machine and un-buy it. So before you do, check out this guide for everything you need to know!

Are you diving into the world of hot tubs? If it’s your first time here, you’re in for a fun time.

More people are buying hot tubs today than they were in the past. The industry grew by 3.3% between 2013 and 2019.

If you are getting ready to buy a hot tub, then you need to know what the process is like and if owning one is for you.

Keep reading to learn the information you need to know before you purchase your first hot tub.

Is a Hot Tub Right for You?

Is There Enough Space
Before you commit to buying a hot tub, you need to ask yourself if you’re prepared for the responsibilities of owning a hot tub. Here are a few things you need to consider.

Is My Climate Right?

If you’re planning to put your hot tub outdoors, will you have time during the year to use it? If you are in a colder region, then you might not get much use out of your hot tub.

If you live in a hot area, you can also see problems. If you’re sitting in a hot tub with temperatures over 71 F° it can start to get uncomfortable.

Is There Enough Space?

Is a Hot Tub Right for You
Hot tubs need room in the area where you are putting them. They are usually between 5′ x 6′ and 8′ x 8′ and need a few feet around them.

You need this extra space to have enough room to walk around and clean your hot tub. If you are tight on space, then you might not have enough room.

Do You Have Time for Maintenance?

While it doesn’t take much time to keep your hot tub in shape, some people may not have a lot of time.

If this is you, then you might not be able to maintain the health of the water in your hot tub. If you don’t take care of it, bacteria can grow and make the water unsafe.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

When you buy a hot tub, you don’t only have your initial purchase. You’re going to have ongoing expenses to keep it maintained. Here are the costs you need to know.


If you keep your hot tub on all the time, then you are going to run up your electricity bill more than it needs to be. You need to keep your water warm whenever your hot tub is on, so you need to have the power to do this.

You can reduce your costs by not running your hot tub all hours of the day. Some products will even allow you to set timers to help you minimize your electricity costs.


Just like a pool, a hot tub needs the right balance of chemicals to keep the water healthy and safe. You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars per year at most on these chemicals.

Electrical Work

If your hot tub isn’t near the right electrical outlet, you may need to hire an electrician to do the job. They will need to drill and run electric to your hot tub, so it gets the power it requires.


If you are buying a stationary hot tub, then you will need to have a platform to put it on. Unless you have a completely flat cement area, you will need to build one yourself.

A hot tub is too heavy to put on many surfaces, so it needs strong support.

You can design your platform to look good, or you can go for a basic slab.

What Kind of Hot Tubs Are There?

Are you looking for a hot tub as a permanent part of your home, or do you want something portable? There is something for you either way.

A stationary hot tub is what people usually think of when making their purchase. They are durable, but they cost a lot more money.
What Kind of Hot Tubs Are There
But if the cost of buying one and getting it installed has you worried, then a portable hot tub is another option for you.

They generally don’t cost as much and don’t need as much work to install. Portable hot tubs also weigh a lot less, so they don’t have as much of a foundation requirement as a stationary hot tub has.

But they will require you to do more work when you want to set it up.

Should You Buy New or Used?

If you are balking at the thought of the cost of a new hot tub, you might be considering buying used. The good news is that there is a good sized market for buying used.

When you go to classified sites, you will likely find many options available. The sellers can be people who are moving or people who don’t get enough use out of their hot tub to be worth keeping it.

But before you buy used, make sure you do your research on the hot tub before buying. You don’t want to buy into a damaged product.

Check online for common hot tub problems and learn how to identify them. This information will help you spot issues as you are shopping for used hot tubs.

If you are patient and get knowledgeable about the subject, you can find a great deal that will save you money and leave you with an awesome product.

It’s a lot of work to do this. If you aren’t willing to commit to this, then you should stick with buying new. Otherwise, you have a good chance of ending up with a dud.

Do Your Research Before You Buy a Hot Tub

Do Your Research Before You Buy a Hot Tub
It can be an exciting time when you decide to buy a hot tub, but try not to rush into the buying process. Do your research, so you know if buying one is right for you and if you have the room in your home to place it.

Once you get your hot tub installed, you might want to make more improvements to your home. Head over to our blog to learn more tips that can help improve your house.