One of the most important things you can do to get your house sold as soon as you get it out there on the real estate market is stage your home. This is both a detail-oriented task, but also in many cases a simpler task than you may think. It may take a lot of work, but the things you need to consider are that cleanliness can go a long way. And it doesn’t always have to be perfect. You can even make a huge profit depending on your situation selling your house in “as-is” status.

What Does As-In mean?

What Does As-In mean
When you sell your home as-in, you’re selling it just like it is. Some scenarios in life require you to stage your home, while others may require you to not worry about making the hardware changes necessary. This doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t stage it somewhat. The best thing you can do is still clean the clutter and make it spotless. If you’re selling as-is, then you don’t necessarily need to worry about leaving special furniture in there or decorating as you would if you were staging your home.

When Not to Sell Your Home As-Is and How to Stage Properly

When Not to Sell Your Home As-Is and How to Stage Properly
Make your home designed to sell. In other words, when it comes to staging your home, don’t just base the design of your home on the outside and the inside as what you would like to see your home. Do some research in your area, and think about potential buyers. You can also look online and on social media pages to get an idea of what people that could be potential buyers are looking for in a home. Make it look “homey” but at the same time, try to aim for simplicity and elegance (this is something that sellers often have a hard time doing because they overcompensate somehow often, or sometimes they don’t decorate enough).

You can even add things like full-wall mirrors (don’t overdo it though, because that can bother some people – a couple here and there throughout your house can do wonders) in order to add some enhancement to your home. At the same time, it gives the illusion that your home is bigger than it is.

If you decide to use flowers, make it stylish, but even though many people want to, don’t ever use real items to decorate your home that could be potential allergens to someone. Doing this can deter your potential customer and make them go elsewhere, as it shows that you weren’t considerate. The main thing though, is to just be yourself and tidy up your home.


If you’re selling your home, you also need to consider what real estate market you may want to sell on.

Finding a real estate agent can be a daunting task, because there is a ton of paperwork that can come into play, as well as things like if you’re still paying your mortgage, and more (for this purpose, many people choose to rent or rent-to-own for their potential homebuyers, but you’re actually better off selling flat out). Look in your area for special real estate agents also who can get your home on the market sold as-is if you need to, and check their track record. You want someone with high sales and experience. If you’re posting yourself, be diverse, and don’t limit yourself to one type of listing. This can get your home sold faster as well.