Whether you bought your home knowing it needed renovations or are fixing it up ready to sell up and move on, knowing where to start can be intimidating. One of the essential rooms to get right is your kitchen. It’s an extremely important room if you’re going to continue living in the house, and is top of most homebuyers’ wish lists when they’re looking for a place. Spending money on a great kitchen will absolutely add value to your home, and has the highest return on investment of any home renovation.

Even if you’re not selling, updating your kitchen can improve your quality of life and reduce maintenance costs.

First Steps

First Steps
The first decision to make is the level of the renovation you want to do. Even minor renovations can have a significant impact. A few things to think about are:

  • How does your home currently compare to similar homes in the area?
  • Is there an active market where you live?
  • Are you selling right away?
  • Is your kitchen simply outdated and needs aesthetic improvement? Or is it in disrepair and needs major fixes?

If you’re planning on selling right away, you should expect that a significant kitchen renovation should cost anywhere between 5 and 15% of the home’s total value. It sounds like a lot, but as mentioned earlier, kitchen renovations have a huge return on investment.

When you’ve decided on a budget, you should then look at the work you’re having done, and see if you can do any of it or if it all needs to be done by professionals. For example, you might be able to replace your worktops by yourself (TopsCo Worktops have some great options), but cabinetry might need to be installed by a contractor. It’s essential to be honest with yourself, as doing work by yourself which will break down soon after it’s completed can cost more in the long run.

Once you’ve got your contractor engaged, you can start selecting the fun things like products, finishes, and colors for your new kitchen.

Value-Adding Ideas

Value-Adding Ideas
When you’re upgrading your kitchen for sale, it’s important to understand what it is that homebuyers are looking for. There’s no point spending a ton of money on something no one wants!

Keeping backsplashes, lighting, countertops and flooring sleek, modern, and functional is vital. Maximize the room’s natural light with colors and finishes that open up space. Don’t fill it with oversized furnishings as this will make the room look smaller. Some open shelving also gives a more ‘homey’ feel, and large sinks with high-function faucets are also very popular.

Whether you spend a little or a lot on your kitchen renovation project, you’re sure to find that new finishes and ideas that are well-considered and work together look better, make life easier, are more efficient, and add value to your home. Although you’re not planning a move right away, having these improvements will improve your life while you’re still in the house, and see a big return on investment when you do decide to sell.