The child protective service or CPS is an agency given the power to investigate both neglect and child abuse complains. The agency is operational everywhere in the country, including Oklahoma. This agency takes two approaches to complain raised against an individual. They may either close the case or open an investigation. CPS will only reach out if there has been an accusation from a person. It can be a police officer, neighbor, teacher or an ex-spouse, among others.

You need the help of an Oklahoma CPS investigation defense lawyer if a complaint against you has been raised to CPS, regarding your child.

Why should you hire a CPS defense lawyer?

Any case taken by Child protective service should be taken serious. You may be on the verge of losing some rights over your child. CPS investigation defense lawyers understand everything about CPS Cases. They may also negotiate a favorable deal that won’t see you lose custody of your child. Negligence against children is a serious offense for parents.

A CPS defense lawyer may also help overturn a court ruling against parents accused of neglecting their children. An attorney will build up a defense that may see the earlier court ruling overturned. Many previous custody agreements in Oklahoma have amended, thanks to CPS defense attorneys.

You should hire a defense lawyer because he understands the procedures to undertake when handling CPS cases. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the legal procedures that should be followed.

A CPS defense lawyer is more likely to make you appear innocent when compared to personally handling the child negligence accusations.

CPS Investigation process

A defense lawyer will explain to you the entire CPS investigation process. An investigation will commence immediately complain has been received. Usually a CPS investigation must be completed within 30 days. This investigating officer commences by conducting face to face interviews.

The accused or one parent will be questioned. Also, the child who is the victim will be interviewed. Parents won’t be in the room during the questioning process. The investigating officer will also analyze the condition of the house. This applies to the state of the house to determine if it is safe for a child’s upbringing or not.

The investigation process also involves perusing through important documents. Medical report, police report, previous CPS case file, criminal history and school reports from teacher are some documents they will check out. Such documents helps determine if there is a strong case or not.

The family’s strengths and problems will also be highlighted during the investigation. Finally, the child’s safety will be assessed. Evidence determines if an accused parent has a chase to answer.

How does a CPS defense lawyer handle CPS cases?

A CPS lawyer will act as bridge between an accused and the authority. They ensure the accused parents don’t say anything that may convict them while talking to the authorities. People with documents that display their negative sides such as criminal records and CPS case files are likely to lose any CPS case against them. However, a CPS defense can change this view by encouraging them to enroll in a parenting class or anger management class. This can convince a CPS officer or the court an individual is working on himself.

A CPS defense lawyer can also look for loopholes to shoot down the CPS investigating report. This is always the case with any defense attorney in Oklahoma. This entails questioning any witnesses and proving child support & care to the court of law. The defense attorney will also present witnesses to the court who will talk about how the accused person takes care of his/her child.

There are instances where an accused parent really neglected his/her child for various reasons. In such circumstances, an attorney can negotiate for placement inside of removal. Afterward, the accused parent can attend courses on how to become a better parent because seeking custody of their child after a specific period.

A defense attorney can represent their client in seeking an overturn over a previous court judgment. They will ensure the client has met the required minimums for the previous order to be re-evaluated.

Is Child Protective service important?

Your attorney will help you understand that CPS or child protective service is here to help families. It does this by protecting children from abuse and negligence. Therefore, don’t be angry if CPS agency reaches out to you. Cooperate with them and hire an attorney to represent you on this legal issue.

There is no doubt that a lawyer plays an important role in CPS cases. They help accused parents or guardians tackle the legal issue facing them while residing in Oklahoma.

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