Grilling is a really fun activity that all family members can enjoy. It brings everyone together and allows them to enjoy a great meal while spending quality time with one another. However, outdoor activities are not the same nowadays, especially under lockdown. Those who live in cities or have no access to a private garden or patio are not able to enjoy many activities outside anymore. Fortunately, grilling is not one of these activities. We are here to guide you through indoor grilling and the best products to help you do that. 

Grill Pan

What is grilling without the popular grilling char lines? Char lines make your food look and smell appetizing. They give your meat a rough texture on the outside where there is much flavor, and a juicy soft feel on the inside. Luckily, these impeccable sears are very easy to make when you’re grilling inside. Grill pans come in cast iron and can imitate the taste of an actual grill. They have amazing heat-holding properties and will make sure that your food is thoroughly cooked. There are also non-stick grill pan options that work great for a variety of food and will still leave your food with famous grill marks. 

Safe Indoor Smoke

If not handled carefully, creating smoke inside your home can set off your whole building’s smoke alarms and even cause some serious damage. There are stovetop smokers that are designed to help you create just the perfect amount of smoke that will give your meat a distinct smokey flavor. Some stovetop smokers come in a variety of wood chip samples in hickory, cherry, oak, and alder to help you get the exact flavor that you’re searching for. The wood chips will heat up at the bottom of the pan, creating smoke that will rise up to give flavor to the meat on the rack above. 

Sous Vide

The sous vide cooking method will make your food extremely juicy, tender, and flavorful. You could also search for sources to find out how to grill indoors for other awesome recipes. All that you need to do is vacuum seal your food in a pouch or bag and put it in a pot of water. You should leave your food to cook slowly at a low precise temperature. You can either do this on your own or use a device that will help you keep your food cooking at a perfectly constant temperature. Some of these products or devices also come with cooling options and are awesome if you want to use them in an ice bath to keep your drinks ice cold. While you may be disappointed that your food doesn’t look mouth-watering after you take it out of the bag, you can take it further by adding seasoning and spices of your choice and hard searing it on an intensely hot cast iron skillet.

Liquid Smoke or Smoked Spices

If you can’t get your hands on a stove spot smoker or are looking for a quick fix, liquid smoke can do the trick. Liquid smoke gets its flavor through the condensation of real smoke. You can either mix it in with other ingredients that you will be cooking with or just pour some in while cooking. However, be careful not to use too much because it will ruin the taste. Just use enough to get the desired flavor. You can also use smoked paprika, salt, garlic, or any other spices to achieve a smokey flavor. 

Experiment With Fire

If you prefer cooking around the fire, or on a wood-fired grill, a simple cooking torch and a wood chip can be very useful tools for an indoor grilling hack. Put your food in a dutch oven, then get a small wood chip and light it up using a cooking torch. Insert the wood chip inside and allow it to smolder with your food before closing the lid. It will induce just the perfect amount of smoke into your food. The real smoke flavor will make your food taste as it has been just grilled. 

Meat Selection

Search your butcher’s for large cut high-quality meat. You can go for unusual cuts like lamb shoulder chops, blade steak, and even other recommendations from your butcher. Grill the meat on low heat, slowly, until it is thoroughly cooked. You can even start cooking it on the stovetop until it gets darker, and then let it resume cooking at low heat in the oven. 

Grilling is an awesome way to bring friends and family together. Aside from the delicious food, the grilling process can be enjoyed by everyone. Most people who don’t have an outdoor space think that they can’t enjoy grilling. This is why we are here to tell you about great products that will help you take your grilling indoors.