The pandemic in 2020 brought a strong wave of awareness of home hygiene in Canada. This ranged from having clean porches to getting sparkling surfaces around the home. However, the bath remains one of the most difficult areas of the home to keep clean. The calls for hygienic baths have been taken up by bathroom designers.

The desire to meet the surging demands for perfectly-clean baths has been employed in creating easy-to-clean surfaces. Good for 2021, its predecessor has prepared it for coming times. So the entire year is looking towards creating high-hygiene compartments that will still keep that the classy styles that baths are known for.

One of the targets of designers in creating new bathroom designs in 2021 is to introduce easy-to-clean wall tiles. Bath users are being encouraged to say silent farewells to the tiny tiles that dotted bath walls in 2020. While these are still increasingly popular, many factors especially hygiene concerns are asking for the change in the form which bath tiles will ultimately take control.

Large-format wall tiles are designed to be easier to clean than the tiny ones. Since they have fewer lines between them, they are easier to wipe with and are perfect for shower areas which are most popular for splash stains.

Beyond the fascinating benefit of cleanliness, large-format wall tiles are now being created to induce a sleek atmosphere of luxury. Designers are looking to champion this feeling with splashes of natural stone designs in the bid to increase the general alluring effect that bathrooms have.

Bath designers are still not relenting in making the designs as luxurious as they can get; big tiles now come with better designs. They are now cast in a greater array of inviting colors from which you can pick. These soft and attractive colors are created to make baths ten times as alluring as they currently are.

One of the greatest things to expect with these tiles will be their formation. Traditional linear arrangements which most baths with tiny tiles have will be replaced with large tiles that will be placed both horizontally and vertically. A foremost bath designer mentioned that the reason for this, “We are looking to create the best appeal out of the slightest changes that we are making.”

In addition to hygiene-inclined wall tiles, space-conscious soaking tubs will be taking a central place in baths of 2021. This idea is fuelled by the surging desire of homeowners to get maximum indoor relaxation. Studies have revealed that people prefer flat-bottom tubs to clawfoot and other decorative bases. Hand-made soaking tubs will become one of the biggest designer highlights of 2021. This is because of the perfect contrast that tub designs have in any bath especially when cast in white.

Designers are looking to change the general popular bath style that allows for larger showers. Tubs will be made cozier to increase water efficiency and to utilize space; tubs are now being designed to utilize less space while still providing the same benefits as in a large one. Another great advantage of smaller tubs is their efficiency at filling faster than large ones.

Will Bath Mirrors Fool Its Users?

Another futuristic for 2021 baths is Lighted Mirrors. Installed with medicine cabinets, backlit mirrors are fast becoming a trend in modern master bathroom renovations. Mirrors are complete with an ambient lighting system with soft lights and less reflection which can also serve as a nightlight when dimmed.

Designers are looking to make users ‘see’ a floating mirror through the glow effect of the backlit mirror. This eye-catching functional feature will be made decorative as they create solid highlights out of textured walls behind the mirror.

Longer-Lasting Bath Features

To create more attractive baths, designers will be using long-lasting paints and warmer colors. The average bath user is looking for another shade of color in their bath after a long year of seeing the same thing. In response to this desire, designers are putting warm and inviting colors on the list of their top color mix. This combination is designed to make users begin their day with energy and to make them refreshed after the day.

However, the year would not just be all about color, it will also feature the use of durable paints. Designers have developed super-hygienic and water-resistant paints to withstand the thoroughness of pandemic-motivated cleanings.

The market’s desire to have longer-lasting is pushing the use of quartz countertops. Despite its feature as one of the hardest bathroom materials on earth, quartz remains one of the easiest to clean. This feature combined with its anti-scratch and anti-stain ability has made it a top choice when designers choose bathroom countertop materials. A report by NKBA revealed that over 73% of designers picked quartz as the best countertop materials for any bath layout.

This amazing resistant feature of quartz makes it stand the test of the new normal frequent cleaning. Also, the material’s non-porous surface has reduced its possibility of harbouring bacteria than any other countertop material. This deifies the highlight of an average damp environment like the bath.

To meet up with contemporary prototypes, quartz countertops for 2021 will be designed to be sleeker with fewer seams to improve their low maintenance function. Designers are also improving the colors for quartz countertops in response to a greater demand for warmer hues. From making quartz looks like marble and cement to finishing it to look like natural wood, designers are ready to make quartz come alive with warmth.

Toilets are Growing Smarter than Ever!

Before now, smart toilets and bidets have been popularly viewed as extreme luxuries but they are now taking significant positions in the average post-pandemic bath. Replacing the gross inconvenience that comes with cleaning traditional toilets, smart toilets are easier to clean and healthier to maintain.

This is made possible through its hands-free features of including self-closing lids, touch-free flushing. These are also designed to make users reduce contact with infected surfaces. Its self-cleaning technology includes a bacteria-killing light below the lid and sundry inner systems that take the cleaning burden off users.

Baths of the Future Improve Hygiene and Style

One great advantage of baths in 2021 is to boosting hygiene through cleaner surfaces, larger tiles, and smarter toilers. In addition to this, baths are now been made with smoother surfaces and sharper lines to maintain a classy style.