If you pause to look you’ll realize you’re surrounded by wood. It’s in the structure of your home, the furniture you’re using right now, and in many other items commonly used around the home. In short, this natural, sustainable material is instrumental to life as we know it.

But, not all wood is created equal. You’re probably thinking about soft and hard woods. While the type of wood you use has an impact on the durability and mouldability of your project, the real issue you should be looking at is how the wood is dried.

The Problem With Wet Wood

Wet wood is heavy, it’s difficult to cut efficiently or effectively and it’s prone to warping. Alongside this, wet wood attracts mould and pests, neither of which is desirable.

Drying Procedures

The cheapest way to dry wood is air-drying. This literally means cutting it into the necessary size and shape and then leaving it somewhere sheltered with a good airflow to dry. The process can be sped up a little with an oven – provided the wood pieces are small.

But, this approach offers no guarantee of how much moisture will be removed. The only way to properly dry wood is by using the vacuum drying process.

It’s important to know this, whether you’re a manufacturer looking to create products or a consumer looking to buy, you need to know that the wood has been properly dried. 

That’s where a visit to wde-maspell.com comes in. 

Who Is WDE-Maspell?

WDE-Maspell is a company established over 50 years ago which specializes in wood drying. In fact, its founder, Vincenzo Pagnozzi, was the first person to successfully vacuum dry wood.

Today the company is owned by the third generation of the same family and it is still innovating in business. WDE-Maspell has gained nearly 100 patents over the years; a testimony to the amount of industry-changing innovations they have introduced.

This business specializes in creating and selling vacuum wood drying machines. You can invest as a business or a private hobbyist. Each vacuum dryer is highly effective and surprisingly easy to move, if necessary.

In short, if you’re a business you need to be ordering a vacuum wood dryer from them. As a consumer, you need to make sure your wood supplier has a WDE-Maspell wood drying machine. It assures you of quality.

How The Vacuum Drying Process Works

If you allow wood to air dry or attempt to evaporate the water out of it then there is no guarantee that all the water will be removed. It’s also likely that the wood will warp.

Vacuum drying eliminates this risk. The wood is placed inside a sealed container. The air is then sucked out of this chamber. It should be noted that all air contains moisture, drying in normal conditions means the air around the wood becomes saturated with moisture and prevents the wood from drying out further.

By creating a vacuum the air pressure, and hence the vapour pressure, in the chamber is reduced. This effectively lowers the boiling point of water. By then applying heat it is possible to quickly and effectively extract the water from the wood. In most cases heat is introduced to the sealed chamber via steam, allowing water from the wood to naturally move into the steam and then all moisture is collected in the condenser.

This process is much faster than any other type of wood drying and has the advantage of removing all the moisture without causing defects in the wood.

It’s worth thinking about next time you need dried wood or more specifically, to dry the wood yourself.