While internal and external décor might not sound like the most exciting Instagram accounts to follow, they can be inspiring. Those looking to redecorate their homes, seek design inspiration for clients, or who are looking to become home décor influencers on Instagram might want to check out the host of Instagram accounts that have the most views. 

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The Spruce (@theSpruceofficial)

One of the most versatile accounts, The Spruce, is a great place to start looking at some of the best home decor trends, whatever price point you’re considering. The account is dedicated to a mixed audience of professional designers and home enthusiasts, so that both can enjoy the content they produce. And their fun content is bound to make you smile.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard (@martynbullard)

If you’re looking for a sneak peek at how luxury homes are decorated, you can try to emulate them. Or perhaps you want to view the designs a top professional publishes regularly, in which case Martyn Lawrence Bullard is an influencer you need to try. His content is a gallery of glamorous decor that will inspire most.

Emily Henderson (@em_henderson)

Emily Henderson is an interior designer with some great home decor talent. There are a few other accounts where you can get inspiration from her down-to-earth and upbeat designs suitable for anywhere in the world. 

There are beautiful interiors pictured with lots of trade secrets, as well as tips and tricks for you to use in whatever room you wish to improve. In addition, she has a good sense of humor that she injects into her content.

Design Seeds (@Designseeds)

Are you arguing with someone over what color to paint the bedroom? Design Seeds is there to help you. They create color palettes using inspiration from stunning and gorgeous travel and nature photographs taken around the world. 

They have more than 200,000 followers on their account, and each piece of content is not just a way to find interior decorating easier and a way to explore the world.

Fiona Gould (@fiona_gould_stylist)

Fiona brings together vibrant colors, contemporary looks, and an immense amount of knowledge to deliver decor motivation. Her lifestyle and interior designs from her Instagram page aren’t for the mega-rich. They can be used by anyone who wants to design any part of their home.

Coming Soon NY (@Comingsoonny)

New York is certainly one place where you’re bound to come across numerous interior designers. As a result, you could probably find several Instagram accounts associated with this niche from the New York area. 

But certainly, one of the best accounts on the platform is Coming Soon NY. Their mix of vintage decor and accessories catches the audience’s eyes. Their unique style ensures you love their brand and their designs. It is worth some time browsing through their images.

Jane Ledger (@janeledgerinteriors)

Not everyone is a fan of the bright, vibrant colors that are often associated with the best designers at the moment. Jane Ledger has a library of great images showcasing how neutral-colored decor can look stunning. 

The scheme is perfect for making earthy neutral colors look beautiful in any setting. Jane Ledger is an experienced designer who uses layers, patterns, and styling to make any room stand out.

Christina Higham (@sun.soul.style)

Not every designer has to work in extraordinary spaces to make an impact. Christina Higham’s is a great example of how you can turn any room into a picturesque space. The techniques used are simple, but the quality of her work is amazing and truly inspiring for anyone looking to make improvements to their home. 

And if you’re looking to create your own Instagram account for home décor, this account can serve as a good motivation.

Ashley (@biggerthanthethreeofus)

Ashley is a home decor blogger that can offer inspiration about the evolution of a home. Her feed about her home renovation journey is one of the most interesting for those looking to start their own home design company, become an Instagram influencer, or redecorate their home. 

One of the more interesting aspects of this Instagram account is that it has been designed with small families in mind, so it is also perfect for those with children. As well as being inspirational, her Instagram account includes lots of tips about DIY and decorating. You can learn a lot from her content on how to run an Instagram account.

Home Polish (@joinfreddie)

This account includes lots of designers who offer their images of the next home décor ideas and projects they’ve completed. The images posted are inspiring and suitable for all levels of DIY competency.

Natalie Myers (@Nataliemyers)

Natalie Myers is an interior designer who has a great style and shares this on an Instagram account with gorgeous visuals to make an impressive set of images. This Instagram feed will help you style homes of any size with high-end decorations to impress guests. There are also some playful twists to her designs that can be an excellent way to make your own stamp on your home.

Amy Kim (@homeyohmy)

The combination of black and white is sometimes an underrated option for home decoration. However, Amy Kim here takes the sophistication of the two colors in combination and builds a room that will wow most people. There are sleek designs with timeless contemporary patterns to add to any home for a strikingly simple visual look.

Lexi Westergard (@lexiwestergard_design)

Lexi is a designer that loves to decorate creative spaces that are comfortable, modern, and warm. Her feeds include lots of images with aesthetically pleasing and refined designs. The fantastic creatives are awesomely inspiring and can help you create a brand new look for your website. The designs are from the high-style lifestyle, but you will still get that homey feeling.

Monica Wang (@monicawangphoto)

The interior images published by Monica Wang will certainly provide you with lots of inspiration. Her images are not just of her work. She also travels across the world to collect inspiring decor images. She also publishes content to guide those looking to create a new and stunning space.

Jonathan Adler (@jonathanadler)

Jonathan Adler, an interior designer, has a wonderful feed on Instagram with numerous beautiful designs with high use of bold color sets, exciting patterns, and excellent stories to add context to them. 

His tips and images are perfect when you need inspiration for a home makeover. And your personality won’t be lost in your decor either, as he ensures that this is injected into designs.

Justina Blakeney (@thejungalow)

Bring the outside inside with LA-based designer Justina Blakeney. She is a New York Times best-selling author with a unique aesthetic appeal. She loves adding fun to the designs of locations and will always include a bit of nature in her work.

Courtney Allison (@frenchcountrycottage)

For those looking for a traditional European look, then this is one of the best places to get that inspiration. Courtney Allison is a fantastic designer, photographer, and author who loves adding a spark to designs with numerous bouquets in the rooms. She has her own style that connects to the French cottage. The rustic elements mixed with a modern taste are inspired.


Each of these amazing accounts can serve you as a source of inspiration. You can take some ideas from each of them and create something new and unique. Who knows, maybe you are the next top décor blogger on IG?