When you think about a kitchen reno, you might first think about installing new counters, cabinets, and upgrading your appliances. But have you considered how different window types can affect and improve your kitchen? They affect the amount of natural light that comes in, your ability to ventilate the space, as well as the overall insulation and security of your home. Here are some things to consider when comparing windows for your improved kitchen.

Are the Windows Easy to Use?

Are the Windows Easy to Use
Can you open and close your windows with ease? Are the handles and latches in places that are easy to reach? When considering new window options for your kitchen, you need to think about function first. Older windows can sometimes be difficult to open and close due to worn down pieces or build-ups of dirt and debris. If this sounds like your current window situation, then it’s time to upgrade. Hard-to-use windows can pose a safety risk since they are easier to lift out of their frames and therefore an easy target for intruders.

They also could prevent you from opening the window in case of an emergency when you need an exit.

Windows That Promote Air Circulation

Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that get the most humidity. To make sure you can control the humidity and ventilate the space, you should choose windows that promote good air flow. You can still choose picture windows that offer light and a view without being operable, but make sure that there are some other functional window panes in the kitchen. This might mean using a combination of window styles.

Kitchen Window Options

Kitchen Window Options
What exactly can your new windows do? It depends on the style. Consider these window options:

  • Casement Windows. These windows open outward (like a door does) with the turn of a crank. Because the glass can rest at different angles from the home, you can control how much air you want to catch and how much you want to direct inside. They’re also very secure because of their latch and lock systems.
  • Awning Windows. These windows open outward (from the bottom) and are highly energy efficient. They can be costly, but those who choose this window will enjoy their original, unique look as well as the easy-to-use crank system for opening and closing the unit.
  • Slider Windows. These windows open and close by sliding the panes either left or right. They’re good for those who are budget-conscious, but there are some downfalls to this window for a kitchen. For one, heavy slider windows will be difficult to use and even more so if you’re reaching over a sink or counter to get to the window.

Don’t Fear Kitchen Improvements

Don’t Fear Kitchen Improvements
Plan well and team up with a reputable, trustworthy, and certified window and door company to ensure that your kitchen renovation goes as smoothly as possible. If renovating your entire kitchen, you can keep things simple by going the DIY route where you can, finding good deals from big-box manufacturers, maintaining a flexible attitude, and shaving costs where you can. Every winning home renovation needs a goal. Once you identify what you want from your new kitchen, windows included, you’ll be able to truly enjoy and optimize your kitchen. Happy renovating!