Did you recently buy a new home? You need to know about the most common types of property damage that can harm your home and how to prevent them.

Dealing with damage to your property is never fun.

No matter how it happens, property damage is going to cost you time, money, and mental anguish. It could be a fire in your home, a car crash, or some kid throwing a baseball through your office window.

Preventing property damage is difficult sometimes (especially if there are kids throwing baseballs at your windows), but some types of damage are more common. You can always take steps to protect your home if you know about the damage before it happens.

That’s what we’re going to talk about here. The most common types of property damage and how to avoid them. You can’t stop everything, but you can do your best to prevent the big ones.

Common Types of Property Damage and How to Prevent It

Common Types of Property Damage and How to Prevent It
Your property is most likely to suffer damage from exposure to the elements or human error.
Property damage repairs aren’t always cheap and different types of damage cost different amounts to repair. So, it’s good to prepare for the expensive ones the most. Talk to your insurance provider to ensure that your homeowner’s insurance covers these things.

Wind & Water

Wind and water are probably the most common sources of damage. Storm-force winds can peel siding and shingles from your home, knock down trees on to your house, and fling your patio furniture into your windows.

Water damage can come from a variety of sources. It can be hard to detect and the worse it gets, the more expensive it is to repair. When winds tear bits and pieces from your house, water can easily get in and create moist areas in your house. This moisture can lead to mold, which can be very dangerous.

Keeping your gutters clear and quickly patch up roof and siding damage when you notice it. It’s difficult to prevent wind-related damage, but there are ways to reinforce parts of your house.

Unfortunately, water damage can come from pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t have to be weather-related.

Leaky pipes and pumps are often the culprits of expensive water damage. It’s always a good idea to check your pipes for leaks and have them patched up before it becomes a serious problem.


Fire is less common than wind and water damage, but it’s by far the most costly. Aside from being potentially deadly, a fire can destroy a home in a matter of minutes. Even small fires are capable of leaving a house in need of expensive repairs.

The smoke alone will ingrain itself into your walls, floors, and furniture. Water damage is possible when the fire department comes in to put the fire out. Fire prevention methods are well-documented. Don’t leave hot appliances on and always remember to turn the stove off after you’re done the cooking.

Damage Can Come from Anywhere

Tornado Michigan
These are a few of the most common sources of property damage, but things like burglary and damage from rodents and insects are possible as well. As long as you’re aware of the possibilities, you can take measures to prevent those things. Get a good security system and learn how to keep invasive species away.

Prevention is a lot less expensive than large-scale repairs so prepare your home for the worst and you’ll end up saving money in the end.

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