Your entry door is the main route in and out of your home. But, it’s much more than just a doorway! This is the first part of the house that most people see. Even if you have a driveway and massive front yard, their eyes will automatically be drawn to your front door.

Accentuating the look with lighting and flower arrangements is a nice touch. But the bottom line is you need the perfect door for your home and there is a lot on the market.

Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to pick the perfect entry door.

Choose A Supplier

The first thing you’ll notice when shopping for an entry door is that there is plenty of competition. In order to narrow down the competition, you need to focus on the supplier.

This means considering their reputation and the range of doors they produce. Companies like Parkwood doors are well established and respected in the industry. This is a great starting point. 

If you’re not sure about a supplier then do your homework. Check with friends and look on social media sites. You’ll probably find online forums dedicated to the subject. You simply want to use a supplier that has mainly positive reviews.

Energy Level

Your entry door contributes toward the energy efficiency of your home. Fiberglass doors and those made of steel tend to offer the best insulation. They are usually more efficient than wood doors.

As an added bonus, a steel door is also one of the most secure you can get. This may be a consideration depending on the style of your home and where it’s located. Of course, steel doors are more expensive and wood doors come in a greater range of colors.

It is worth noting that more heat is lost around a door than through it, don’t let the energy efficiency completely guide your decision. 


It’s worth taking a moment to consider the light level in your front hallway. Fitting an entry door with glass in can make the hallway much brighter and feel more spacious. Of course, glass also reduces the privacy level in your home.

You’ll need to consider the right balance for you and your property.


You need to measure the space that your door takes up, including the frame. You may not be planning on installing it yourself but, knowing the measurements, allows you to look at pre-owned and miss-measured doors. 

You’ll be surprised how many doors are available that have been purchased but don’t fit the space. The standard size doesn’t fit all. Equally the factory has made them the wrong size and has had to replace them. The wrong size doors tend to be sold at a discount. This means you can get a much more expensive door within your budget, providing it fits the space you have.


While you’re considering the installing side you’ll want to speak to your preferred company to see if they install doors and whether it’s included in the price of the door. It will help control your budget and ensure you choose the door that complements the look of your home perfectly.

Don’t forget, a door is a personal statement, it’s okay for it to reflect who you are.