Buying a mattress is expensive, and the number of available options might be overwhelming. One of the most crucial decisions is making a decision on what mattress composition you should pick. Will you go with organic latex, regular cotton, or some other material? 

One of the best tested materials for a mattress is organic latex. Here are a few reasons this mattress is the perfect choice for your family.

It eliminates sleep interruptions.

The softness of the natural latex can relieve chronic pain. This mattress benefits those with neck and back pain, especially if they haven’t had a new bed. 

The natural buoyancy of the rubber will contour your body and create the perfect sleeping situation, eliminating sleep interruptions.

Essentia Latex mattresses also feature holes that allow for constant airflow, which helps cool those sleepers who sleep hot. This natural breathability keeps you cool throughout the night, ensuring your sleep is not disturbed by overheating. 


Latex, especially organic latex, is eco-friendly and extremely helpful for the environment. Where standard plastic or inorganic materials cause environmental damage and are left to rot in a landfill, organic latex is made from all-natural rubber, which doesn’t kill rubber trees. 

Organic latex will break down naturally and not be stuck in a landfill for centuries. In addition to being comfortable and easy to sleep on, these mattresses are helping to build a safer tomorrow. 


If you or your loved ones have down, feather, or cotton allergies, you will be glad to know that organic latex is entirely hypoallergenic. It comes from the trunk of a rubber tree but contains no pollen or anything that could cause allergic reactions. 

A hypoallergenic mattress is crucial for those with sensitive skin, sensitive noses, or allergies. It helps you attain relaxing, comforting, and restorative sleep. If one of your children has severe allergies, this might be the only type of mattress they can handle. 

Easy to care for

On a more practical note, these mattresses are easy to take care of. They won’t get bed bugs or other mites common to cloth mattresses, and the rubber material makes it easy to clean up after accidents or spills. 

Each latex bed is naturally antimicrobial, forcing away harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that nest in regular cotton or plastic mattresses. 


Most mattresses need to be replaced after 5–10 years of use. While there are ways to ensure your mattress lasts longer, this is usually just a fact of mattress buying. This is because the springs, foam, and other materials wear out over time. However, a natural latex mattress can easily last 12–30 years. It’s exceptionally durable and great for long-term bedrooms. 

Final Thoughts

The durability and ease of care alone are great reasons to buy an organic latex mattress. After all, who wants to spend more money on a new bed or have to clean one several times a year? 

In addition to being durable and easy to maintain, organic latex mattresses improve the quality of your sleep, are eco-friendly, and are hypoallergenic.