The chance to get some great exercise, enjoy the sunshine, and make friends are just some of the many reasons why a golf community could be such an excellent lifestyle choice.

There are a number of fantastic venues to choose from, such as the Scottsdale communities, for instance. Aside from the obvious advantages of living in such a stunning location, here are some key factors to consider when trying to choose a golf community that meets all of your needs.

It’s not just about the golf

If you love golf enough to move to a location that offers you access to the game on your doorstep you might think that is the most important factor.

However, it is always preferable to check out whether your chosen venue offers a range of additional amenities. The chance to play some tennis or go for a swim will also enhance your living experience. That’s why it is a good idea to see what other amenities are on offer that might widen the appeal to include non-golfers too.

Do you know exactly how much you have to pay each year?

It can sometimes be a bit of a shock to discover the fees are more than you budgeted for.

In addition to club membership fees you also have to consider any other fees, taxes, and charges that need to be paid. Make sure you know exactly what it will cost to enjoy life in a golf community.

Is the community spirit and atmosphere as good as the golf course?

The chance to regularly play the most attractive and pristine golf course is not so appealing if there isn’t a welcoming atmosphere and sense of community to enjoy alongside great facilities.

Try to make several visits to your chosen location before making your final decision. This will help you get a feel for the place and the people.

How convenient is the location?

You are unlikely to spend all of your time playing golf. That’s why you should check whether the location offers easy access to local amenities and attractions. Being close to a major airport might also help if you like to travel.

How challenging is the golf course

Even allowing for the fact you probably play regularly it is still relevant to align your skills level with the golf course attached to your community.

If the course is too easy or too difficult it could easily spoil your enjoyment and diminish the appeal of playing the course. Make sure the course is right for your skill level.

Safety and privacy are primary considerations

You want to feel safe in your neighborhood. You also want to know that your privacy is protected. 

Does the location you are considering tick the boxes on both counts?

What do others think?

It often pays to do your research. Check out reviews and even try to talk to some residents to get their honest appraisal of what life is like there.

If you get the right answers to all of these questions there is a good chance you will have found a golf community that could become your new home.