Located less than 30 minutes away from Los Angeles, Torrance boasts of tons of sand and surf along the Pacific Ocean. Locals enjoy different beach activities like swimming and surfing, or even just hanging out soaking up on the sun. The Southern California community is a great place to live as it has plenty of businesses, schools and activities one can enjoy. Living in Torrance Ca is ideal if you’re looking for a multinational community, diverse jobs, nationally recognized education systems, and red-carpet entertainment.

Torrance is also surrounded by Redondo and Manhattan Beach, it’s close relationship with its neighboring communities stretches out across regional lines, providing locals with so many activities right next door. With so many things happening in and around the area, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find numerous possibilities that Living in Torrance Ca can offer.


Summers in Torrance can be dry, which is why locals can be often seen dipping in the beach from around June to August, when temperatures average around 61 and 77 degrees. Around fall, rain and light showers dominate between November and March. Although it rains in fall and during the winter season, temperatures can average between 68 and 71 degrees at most. The lowest average temperature could fall around 49 degrees. California’s climate is often called June Gloom or May Gray, since those two months bring fog in the morning and sunny skies in the afternoon.

Neighborhoods in Torrance

The South Los Angeles County area is an interesting mix of industrial properties which was created in the early 1900s by Jared Sidney Torrance which is who the town was named after. Torrance transformed the 20 square mile town into dozens of charming neighborhoods armed with an old Spanish land grant and the help of talented architect Frederick Law Olmstead Jr. The quaint little neighborhoods still exist today.

The Southern California community, located directly on the ocean and between Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach, features many waterfront properties overlooking the Pacific.

When you look Inland, you’ll find locals living next to businesses, with the Downtown Torrance Market Place located just right outside resident’s front doors. The most densely populated province within Torrance is the West Carson neighborhood, with a population of over 64,000. Crenshaw Boulevard, on the other hand, is the least populated, with a population of a little more than 3,000 in the area.

With so many remarkable areas you can choose from, it might not be easy to pick a specific neighborhood. But after doing a little research and conducting a visit to the area, you’ll be able to find the best spot for you and your family.


For families with children planning to move and live in Torrance Ca, one of the biggest concerns is the academic institutions available. The Torrance Unified School District, which was established in 1947 and incorporated in 1948, consists of 17 elementary, 8 middle and 4 high schools. The system also consists of a continuation, alternative and 2 adult schools.

The Torrance Unified School District prides itself in its dedication to “maximizing individual potential and developing lifelong learners,” the district’s mission statement, said. Teachers in Torrance work hard to see each student succeed in class. After deciding what school is ideal for your child, you can help them adjust to their new school after you start living in Torrance Ca.

There are also many private schools situated in Torrance, including the Pacific Lutheran High School and St. James Catholic School. Students receive religious and specialized training in these academic institutions. After graduating from high school, students can move up to El Camino College, a two-year school located just along the border of Torrance.

If students are planning to attend a four-year program, however, they also have the option to go to the University of California, Los Angeles, and Long Beach and East Los Angeles Colleges. All of them are located only 25 miles out of town.

Employment Opportunities

Torrance boasts of a 5.1% unemployment rate, almost 3 points below the national average of 7.9%. The automotive industry is particularly strong in the city, with the presence of top employers like American Honda and Toyota Motor Sales. Together these companies employ over 5,000 laborers. The previous economy was dominated largely by major oil manufacturers, with the ExxonMobil Refinery still operational today, employing over 600 workers.

Other major employers include Robinson Helicopter with 1,107 laborers, Honeywell with 1,164 employees, and Hi Shear Corporation with 1,000 workers. There also exist, between the areas, wealthy employers, a number of staffing agencies, and local classifieds. You’ll find that there’s nothing to worry about living in Torrance Ca after all—you’ll be able to find a job that suits your qualifications right away. It’s considered as one of the easiest areas in California to start a career in.

Living Costs

Although the unemployment rate in Torrance is low, the cost of living isn’t. The California community, with a 9.8% higher cost of living than the state and a 44% greater cost of living compared to the national average, can cost you big time if you do not have a job from which to source your income from. According to a report by CNN Money, the average family income is at $82, 245 and the average home price is at $550,000. This is proof that there is actually money to be made in a municipality. But housing costs can be very crippling. If purchasing property is not in your plans for now (due to budget constraints), it might be a good idea to rent a house, apartment, or condo in the meantime. This way you can avoid state, county and town taxes on your home.


The City of Torrance Ca is a great place for families that want to live in a diverse, safe, and lively community. It’s not only a great place for families but also for single career driven individuals who also want to have fun and enjoy life. There are plenty of activities to do in Torrance, and there are plenty of bistros and bars where people can hang out and relax in after a long day’s work in the office.