When environmentally friendly practices are encouraged, many people think of planting trees, reducing fossil fuel burning, exploring alternative energy sources, etc. However, there are also less obvious steps that one can take to achieve the same goal. One of those contributory ways is by utilizing greener construction materials in roofing and contracting. Greener practices in construction and roofing offer a whole world of advantages. Not only does this contribute to the home’s comfort, but it also boosts the health of inhabitants and helps them rest better, knowing they aren’t harming the environment.

KVN Portland Roofing is one of the companies helping its clients “go green” through environmentally friendly roofing practices. But what major benefits do green/environmentally friendly roofing and construction practices offer? Below are three important benefits to know.

Environmental benefits

Human activities have been established to have a profound impact on the environment. This means that seemingly harmless practices like construction and building, construction materials, and methods can affect environmental balance. In more cases than less, the human effect on the environment is usually negative, which leads to depletion in environmental wealth and environmental imbalance. Simple roofing practices like roof repairs and replacements can lead to waste shingles. When these waste shingles are not properly recycled, they end up in landfills which causes air and water pollution. Other building materials like concrete, aluminum, steel, and others also negatively impact the environment. In particular, concrete waste may be responsible for water, land, and air pollution.

To prevent these negative effects on the environment, roofing and construction contractors must take proactive steps to ensure that safe and green practices are adopted during building and roofing services. Green practices protect the ecosystem and also enhance biodiversity. Some of the common ways by which contractors can positively influence and contribute to the environment are through the use of biodegradable and recyclable construction materials. There are different types of recyclable shingles and other roofing components in the market that can be used to achieve the green goal.

In addition to using green and recyclable materials, roofers can also rely on proper installation methods as specified by the manufacturer. Reading the manufacturer’s guide on installation and training on the installation of green construction materials can help. Many companies that manufacture roofing materials are now exploring other uses for their waste materials too. Some companies that produce asphalt shingles now use their waste for road construction. Some others are constantly researching new ways to release recyclable roofing materials to help roofers and property owners keep their environment clean.

Products like CoolStar have been designed for solar effectiveness. Their surfaces are designed to reduce CO2 emission, thus reducing the contribution to ozone layer depletion.

Health benefits

Many people do not realize just how much influence their environment has on their health. People living in unhygienic places are more likely to come down with infections and diseases than those living in clean and hygienic homes. With green solutions for construction and roofing, homeowners stand a better chance of avoiding heavy chemicals that may be carcinogenic. Carcinogenic materials increase the risk of cancer and other related health challenges. Having a green roof and constructing your home with green materials will also improve your indoor air quality. The increased indoor air quality will save you from allergens and reduce your respiratory condition chances.

With green materials, you can also enjoy improved energy saving in your home. Most green construction and roofing materials offer insulation properties. These insulation properties can be leveraged to reduce energy consumption while also maintaining temperature balance within your home.

Choosing green construction and roofing materials also gives you peace of mind, improves your sleep pattern as you no longer have to breathe heavy air and more.

Economic benefits

Green roofs offer a wide range of economic advantages. Many homeowners may shy away from green roofing materials at first because of the high price; however, they’ll see the advantages over time. Green roofing materials are longer lasting and so offer more value for money spent. In addition, they have great insulation properties which help maintain indoor temperature and reduce heat exchange. The insulation properties of green materials can help save costs on heating during the summer months and cooling during winter. Homeowners can also enjoy improved indoor air quality, making their indoor space free from allergens, dust, and lint. This eliminates spending more money on health bills, medications, or hospital visits.

Going green offers many advantages, and homeowners are beginning to embrace them. Contribute positively to your environment by thinking and choosing green roofing and construction solutions.