Living rooms are undoubtedly the most important rooms in most homes. Between Netflix-binging and spending time with friends, family members, and visitors, you spend a lot of time in the living room. It is also the first room that guests see when they enter your home. As such, a beautifully designed living room is attractive, comfortable, and compels you to spend more time. Apart from the basics, a few additions can make your living room outstanding. Below are a few tips for expert living room decoration.

Seek Inspiration

You should embark on your living room decoration with a clear vision. Read through design blogs, magazines, and leading profiles on social platforms for some inspiration. Pay close attention to preferred paint colors, décor, and spatial layouts. Doing this gives you plenty of reference points as you begin decorating your living room.

Finish the Walls and Ceilings

Living room walls in most homes, including modern houses, receive more elaborate or formal treatment than bedrooms, kitchens, and other rooms because they are public spaces. Choose wall coverings and treatments that reflect your personality and style to make your living room welcoming. A new trend you should consider is wainscoting. Make sure that you work with wainscoting professionals from Doors Plus

Set the Mood with Color

Your choice of living room paint color affects the mood of this space. Colors create a relaxing or energizing atmosphere depending on how cool or warm they are. While personal preference should dictate your preferred color, you should consider sticking to neutrals, such as gray or sage.

Bold colors such as orange and red keep your brain alert, making it difficult to unwind. Neutral colors are a good choice for living rooms, as they effectively create a comfortable and relaxing space. Besides creating a relaxing atmosphere, neutral colors make it easy to incorporate your personality through accents and art into the space.

Choose a Stylish Flooring

To preserve the functionality of your living room, choose stylish flooring that is comfortable underfoot and is a solid interior design statement. Fortunately, there are endless flooring options to explore. You can opt for a wall-to-wall carpet or solid neutral flooring, which shifts focus to art or furniture.

Hardwood floors covered with rugs are also a popular choice for most modern homes. Even carpeted living room floors can benefit from area rugs. Unlike neutral floorings, rugs bring some visual break, color, and texture into the living room. If your living room has an open plan, you can use rugs to create designated spaces within the open layout.

Be sure to choose rugs in the living room wisely. A very small rug will make the space appear unbalanced and disrupt the inherent flow of the living room layout. Similarly, an extra-large rug dwarfs other items in the room.


Using multiple textures, creating a focal point, upgrading lighting, and window treatments and bringing in the green are other excellent living room decoration tips. As for art and accents, you should follow your heart. Unlike other installations, stick to what you prefer when choosing living room art. However, ensure that the multiple pieces complement each other.