You can’t stare at those windowless yet bare walls! It’s so boring, I know, right? You would have if they had sleek design furniture, whimsical light fixtures, and fanciful collectibles around them. However, you’ve got a bland wall in your living room that you really wanted to decorate with statement artwork, classic wallpapers, and others. You’ve totally fed up with wall paints as they cost you some heavy bucks in the past. On top of that, it’s time-consuming, and again, a less creative approach to go head in adorning blank walls.

If you’re chasing an incredible way to decorate your living room walls without paint, you’ve landed in the right place. By choosing any of these below-shared ideas, your bare wall will get that attention and style which have been missing for many years!

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Mount A Family Portrait

Sometimes less is actually more—a blank wall gives you an opportunity to mount a human-sized family portrait. The upside of not applying paint and using a portrait is you can replace it with whatever you want, whenever you want! You can mount anything—a pet or a portrait of your first car! This arrangement will create a major impact in your living room and make an incredible background for any rustic furniture! 

Hang A Tapestry

Tapestries are officially back! Many interior designers recommend their clients to get wall tapestries—as they add textural detail to walls! Let me destroy a myth: tapestries don’t make your apartment look Vatican (if selected properly). Instead, they add a personalized touch to walls and give them a little bit of charm. You may find a variety of tapestries that can best suit your blank walls. For instance, there are handcrafted palaces, multipurpose mandala art, and Bohemian-inspired wall tapestries that will look visually stunning on your bare walls. 

Add Shelves

Opt for shelves—they give you what your space actually requires. First of all, they create a room for storage, and style your walls in a stylish way! If you’re planning to adorn your windowless walls,  then this wooden wall shelf can be perfect for it. This way you can display your favorites—books, and keepsakes in a modern way.

Showcase Your Photo Frames

Make the most of your space by hanging photo frames on your bland walls. Start making a collection of your favorite—all types of pictures and artwork! In this manner, you upgrade your interior and make your wall a focal point! It’s up to you whether you want to mount old photos, ready-made pictures, or the landscape broken into 4 pieces exactly shown above!

Wow Your Walls With Plates

From England to France, people have made use of plates for several purposes. Not only on a dining table but also to decorate walls in an amusing way. Mounting your walls with plates is an eclectic way to add colors, textures, and a visual punch to the living room. Hang an array of brown-colored metal plates on a blank wall to make it visually appealing!

Mount A Round Mirror

We often consider a mirror as a piece of furniture for a bedroom or bathroom. However, the right kind of mirror can be viewed as an element for living room decoration! These large, rounded mirrors will add depth to your living space, and spread a reflecting light across the room! Either mount it opposite a window to reflect light and give the illusion of space or above a console table to make it look more prominent and classic!

Try Antlers

Do you want to spice up your living space? Mount a pair of antlers on your living room walls and set a theme that can easily grab your guests’ attention! You’d be surprised after mounting them as they set a different vibe and make other furnishings look out of the box! Mount them on the wall above your mantle—that’s their right place!

The Bottom Line

The simplest and no-brainer way to bring the best onto your walls is mounting a stunning handmade portrait—family, car, or pet portrait. However, you can choose any of these inexpensive ideas that can help you add color and personality to your bare walls. Whatever you pick out, don’t forget to share it with us! Reply to us by commenting below!