Snow Blowers

We all love snowfall, don’t we? It feels like heaven when those cottony snowflakes start pouring from the sky. However, the after-effects of snowfall are very irritating. The pile of snow that covers the entire driveway and backyard becomes very difficult to remove manually. This is when all the fun of enjoying the winters vanishes, and the real trouble starts.

Snow blowers come to rescue when manual shoveling of inches of snow becomes troublesome. Tackling the hard snow and removing it with ease; snow blower makes a perfect product to splurge this winter. Moreover, they also safeguard from the injuries you might get doing this work by shovel.
Snow Blowers This Winter
So before you head towards buying, you must know the types of snow blowers present in the market.

  • Single-stage gas powered- They are perfect for light to moderate snow up to 12 inches deep. It is advised not to use them on gravel. Light in weight, small in size and with the user-friendly interface they make one potential product for the winters.
  • Two-stage gas powered- If the snow is around 2 feet deep, two-stage snow blower will do the work. With a powerful design this product can clear the path up to 45 inches wide. It can easily handle heavy snow and ice and perfect for heavy snowy areas.
  • Three-stage gas powered- This snow blower works perfectly when the snow is around two feet deep. It collects the snow or ice, chops them and then propels away. Clearing path up to 28 inches wide and throwing snow up to 50 feet this product can handle snow and ice with no hassles.
  • Electric snow blowers- When the patio, porch, and driveways get clad with heavy snow an electric snow blower can do the needful. The best thing about them is they don’t require much maintenance unlike gas-powered blowers and are more economical. They are also light in weight so easy to handle.Visit for more precise information.
  • Cordless snow blowers- They are battery powered, cordless and comparatively lighter in weight than the gas counterparts. They are perfect for moderate to heavy snow and can quickly clear away the walkways, driveways, and patios. Other than this, they are also the lightest in weight which makes them easy to maneuver.

Other than knowing the types of blowers, you must also keep in handy certain desirable features in mind.
 Snow Blower
Heated Handles- When the temperature is very low outside wearing the gloves might not protect from the chills. Therefore if the blower has heated handles it could make the hands as well as fingers warm and comfortable to work.

Headlights- Because winter days are short and darkness appears soon, having a headlight on the blower helps in working even in the dark.

Electric Start- Blowers which has this feature are easy to start with just one touch of a button. The pull chords generally slow down in the cold season, and people struggle hard to start them easily.

Chute Control- A good chute control eases maneuvering the entire machine to the desired direction.It helps in removing the snow at a faster rate.

Drift Cutters- To get more efficiency in cleaning the snow and ice, drift cutters help manifolds. They are narrow steel blades that can cut the hard packed ice in lesser time and fewer efforts.

Speed Control- If you have speed control feature in your machine, it becomes easy to move and use it. Multiple speeds in both forward and back direction make the things hassle-free.

So these are some of the points on which you must give heed to get the best snow blower this winter. Layback, enjoy snowfall and let your snow blower do the needful.