Caring for your lawn is one of your responsibilities as a homeowner. However, you may not have the time or patience to do so because of work and other personal commitments. If you’ve considered hiring a lawn care company to do the work for you, there are a couple of things to consider before you sign that contract. According to well established lawn and landscaping company Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions, the tips discussed in this article are among the most important.

Recommendations, References, and reviews

This is perhaps the best place to start. These are the 3Rs of contracting a lawn mowing services, as they give you the clue regarding whether you’ll give the service you are looking for. If they have treated other clients right in the past then they’ll probably do the same to you.

Ask friends, colleagues, and neighbors to recommend some of the reputable service companies they have dealt with so you can interview and hire them. You may also want to check reviews online to see how they are rated in terms of the service they offer their customers.

Certification and License

Certification and License

This is also another important factor to consider because you wouldn’t want to hire a company with no certification and license. Certified companies have the training, skills, and experience to perform their duties professionally. They should also be insured to protect you and your assets in case of unfavorable eventualities.

Professional memberships and associations

This may not be a statutory requirement but if they are as good as they claim then they should have been vetted by the relevant professional association in the industry. Many lawn care companies would consider this a bragging right.

State of their tools and equipment

The state of the tools they are going to use in your home also determines how serious they are about the business. If you have the time you can visit their offices but if you are too busy, you can check their website to see if their pieces of equipment are well maintained. Also, check the state of their offices to ensure the place is clean and tidy.

Courteous and supportive customer care

No one wants to talk to rude and unsupportive customer care. A good service company has friendly and supportive members of staff. Note how your inquiries are handled or how fast they respond to your issues and you can tell how you’ll be handled if an issue arises. If they respond to your inquiries in time and answer your questions satisfactorily, then they can be good candidates.

Packages and pricing

Packages and pricing

Great customer service should not be the only attractive thing about the lawn care company; they should also offer attractive packages and prices. Affordable prices to accompany exceptional services will bring many customers to them and hopefully retain a large proportion of them. You shouldn’t break the bank just to have your lawn cared for.

Ask about their pricing and packages and ensure you go through the list before making the ultimate buy decision. You may also ask whether there are any discounts and bonuses and leverage them to receive great value for your money.

Therefore, hiring a lawn care company should not be an uphill task. Asking friends is a great place to start. If you have no friends to ask, you may ask their references and read online reviews. Also, find out whether they are licensed, have the right equipment, and offer attractive rates. If everything seems okay, you can go ahead and hire them.