As a real estate agent, you put in a lot of hard work getting your clients to trust you. You’ll be ever closer to make that big sale if you show your potential home buyer that the property is secure and well-maintained. One out-of-the-ordinary, but effective way to do so is to recommend the use of a lockbox. There’s a good reason why these are more popular in the real estate industry.

Lockboxes are either mechanical or electronic devices that property owners and realtors can use to store a home’s keys. They do this much like a traditional safe would. Only authorized key holders may open the lockbox. The most up-to-the-minute lockboxes have very tight security features—so even if someone steals the code, it’ll still be hard for them to get access.

Click here for a recommendation of a lockbox brand that’s trusted by top realtors. And to get you up to speed about all things related to lockboxes, here are the six biggest benefits of getting one.

It’s Highly Convenient

One of the strongest arguments for having a lockbox is its convenience. The house keys will stay somewhere safe until they’re needed for a house viewing. As house viewings are no longer dependent on the keyholder’s physical availability, viewings can be scheduled more often. That means that there are more opportunities for inspection, and in turn higher chances of closing the sale and getting the property off the market.


Its Technology Makes It Ultra-Secure

For those who worry that anyone with the lockbox’s code can just break into it, modern lockboxes don’t make it as simple. Some lockboxes can be programmed to have hourly restrictions. Whoever tries to input the code outside of these programmed hours won’t be able to get the keys. Features like this should appease your buyers’ concerns about lockbox security.

It Can Keep You Updated in Real-Time

Both the lockbox’s hardware and accompanying software make life easier for realtors. The lockbox may come with its own app, which in turn sends notifications or automated emails every time the box is opened. This will keep both realtors and property owners updated about what’s happening on the property. The only caveat is that cellular services in the area must be consistent.

It Can Be Placed Anywhere Within the Property

Property sellers may be hesitant to install lockboxes near their front doors. That’s understandable, as the lockbox’s placement will put it in plain view of everyone in the neighborhood. Those who are more private will be happy to know that lockboxes can be installed in various areas of the property. You can recommend for the lockbox to be installed at the garage door, or somewhere near the back of the house. Just make sure that the installation follows your local utility rules, as most neighborhoods prohibit having a lockbox near a gas, electrical, or water line.


It’s Worth the Cost

Both agents and sellers may be intimidated about the costs behind the lockbox. Beyond the hardware itself, you might have to pay to use the accompanying app. But many who are part of the real estate world say that both the hardware and software are worth the expense. Being savvy about lockboxes also increases your credibility—and therefore your marketability—as a real estate agent.

It Gives Buyers Peace of Mind

Lastly, buyers would be more likely to agree to the sale thanks to the gesture of installing a lockbox. It communicates thoughtfulness on the part of the property owner, and shows that they care about the new occupants’ security. This is definitely something that you can emphasize as part of the property’s value.

For sure, having a lockbox on the property may help you clinch your next big sale. Be in the know about lockboxes and lockbox-related technologies, and build your credibility as a realtor.