People are usually worried about insects as they bring uncleanliness and unhygienic environment. There are several diseases caused by pests like yellow fever, sleeping sickness, malaria, Lyme disease and plague. if you don’t take steps for its eradication you will end up with these ailments. Mosquitoes, tsetse fly, kissing bugs, and cockroaches are common pests cause ailments.

Everyone wants to live in a clean environment and obviously no one would like pests in home. To control these insects, one must go for trapping and killing them. Although it seems right, but it would not help you in the long run. Like every creature pest are in abundance on earth and once they have entered your house, they will start making families.

Following are the tips you can have to eliminate dangerous insects from your house:

  • Seal the Openings: Basement is the way by which insects enter the house. check the holes or cracks of your basement. Walls have many little openings. the outgoing pips of water may have holes. Try to cover these holes properly to get rid of pests. Pipes of meter may have created holes or cracks on your wall. Search for all internal and external holes and fix them.
  • Food for Pests: After having breakfast, lunch or dinner try to clean your table. Many people have ant problem, but they don’t find the reason. It is because the bits of food remained on their tables, and on the floor after their dog or cat finish eating. You must clean your table and floor after having meal. It won’t allow pests to have food.
  • Clean Kitchen: Keep your kitchen clean as an unhygienic environment attracts pests. Leftovers of food should be put in containers and covered with lids. Keep your kitchen slabs clean. Sugar attracts insects so try to wipe off sugar from slabs and coffee makers properly. keep your fruits out of direct sunlight. Cleaning the kitchen is very important. If we study the cockroach facts, we will find out how dangerous these pests are. They are found worldwide and can spread diseases like diarrhoea and typhoid.
  • Keep off Dampness: Damp places are loved by insects. They are always attracted towards damp environments. Keep wet spots off. Eliminate moisture. around tubs and sinks use caulk to fix leaks. Inspects for cracks and loose-fitting pipes in your basement. There would be water spots on your ceiling .it will serve as the entry point for insects. try to fix these spots.

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  • Yard Cleaning: Decaying leaves and compost heaps are the best places to produce pests. Clean your yard clean every morning. The branches that touch your windows or walls of your house are the common pathways for the entrance of pests. Trim these branches to ban the entrance. Clean up pet poop and cover the bins. try to keep bins away from your house. or you can call Pest Control Tulsa or exterminator Tulsa as they provide good service for cleaning pests.
  • Invite Birds: Birds love eating insects. Arrange a pot and put some grains in it. it will attract birds and they will help you get rid of pests.
    Keep Firewood Away: Try to keep firewood away from your house. termites and especially cockroach.
  • Keep Firewood Away: Try to keep firewood away from your house. termites and especially cockroaches love to hide and live in woods. Keep woods stacked and store them on an elevated place.
  • Get Rid of Mosquitoes: The most exasperating pests are mosquitoes. The common disease by these irritating pests is the zika virus. try to cover your bathtubs. standing water is the invitation to mosquitoes. Try to get rid of it because in stagnant water they lay their eggs. If there are puddles in your yard throw soil on them to cover it. sprinkle garlic to your porch as its odor serves as a repellent to insects. On your porch use a fan as the wind helps in eliminating mosquitoes.

  • The Killing of Mice: Trap mice and don’t kill them .it is because their dead bodies attract pests. If you have killed them burry their dead bodies deep in the soil.
  • Flytrap: Use a homemade fly trap as it is cheap. Fruit flies linger on fruits and causes the fruit to spoil. Take an open container soap its mouth. Put some apple cider vinegar in it. the flies will be attracted to the sweet smell of vinegar and in order to taste, it will slip in it. put these containers where there are more flies. And don’t put it Infront of open windows because it will encourage more flies to come in. Read about WeRedesign