Queenslander homes are most common in Queensland, though you can find similar houses in other parts of the world. Their distinct feature? A large veranda that wraps around the house. Here are a few tips on how to create a modern interior in your Queenslander home.

Increase the Storage Space

Storage space has never been a strong point in traditional Queenslander homes. After all, these homes were popular in an era when people had more children and less stuff. Putting up shelves and storage units can distract from the natural flow of the property. One solution is to build a walk-in wardrobe. If you work with a wardrobe specialist, they’ll be able to custom build your walk-in wardrobe, so it fits perfectly within your room. Then you can take the time to clean up the clutter in your home and hide away most of the modern gadgets and knickknacks.
Increase the Storage Space

Become More Energy Efficient

These homes tend to have windows and doors that can open up and let the breeze in. But in the middle of Summer, this won’t be enough. One solution is increasing the size of the windows and choosing a design that’s more energy efficient. Then you can maximise the natural airflow when you want the breeze, but you aren’t doing so at an expense to your winter heating bills.

Given that many of these homes are a century old, it’s safe to say most of them will need more insulation and an energy audit.

Make the Most of Your Veranda

These verandas make-up for the limited interior space. You could enclose part or all of your verandah to create a sunroom or additional living room. Or turn the veranda into a modern entertaining space with weather-resistant tables and chairs.

Open Up your Home

Open Up your Home
If you remove some of the interior walls, you’ll create more usable space. If you can’t afford to lose too many rooms, replace hard walls with sliding walls. Another tactic is building underneath the elevated home, whether you can add in a basement or build an under-story. You could also increase the sense of space by putting in half walls around the kitchen and dining room instead of full walls.

Update the Amenities

A common issue with these homes is that there’s only a single bathroom in the whole house or, at most, one per story. Find a spot to build a half-bathroom so you don’t have as much competition over the only toilet or shower available.