Winter is just around the corner which means the temperatures will drop to the lowest level and you will be spending a lot of time indoors. There is some maintenance work that will need to be done just to make sure that the house is ready for winter. One of the structures that often gets overlooked during maintenance is the roof, even though it offers us protection from the elements. You don’t want to be caught off guard in case of a major storm. Here are some roof maintenance tips that will come in handy as winter approaches.

Remove Snow ASAP

Remove Snow ASAP
Don’t wait for the snow to accumulate on the roof before you start looking for a solution. Snow if left unchecked, will wreak havoc on the roofing structure. Snow together with ice will result in excess weight on the roof which could lead to serious damages. When precipitation remains on the roof, it results in an ice dam. Water on the roof is not that big of an issue, but the problem comes in when it starts to re-freeze. Make sure to remove all the snow and ice on the roof after every major storm so that it stays dry longer to avoid leaks.

Repair Flashing

When doing inspections and repairs, make sure to check the flashing. Flashing will become loose over time even if it was installed correctly a couple of years ago. If it is warped, make sure to look for an experienced contractor who will provide a permanent fix for the problem. When there is improper flashing, it will be easy for ice and snow precipitation to enter the inside of the roof. When there is excess moisture, you could be dealing with a serious leak. The same will also apply to your shingles. If you notice chipped or peeled shingles, it is imperative that you start looking for a roofing contractor.

Check the Gutters

Check the Gutters
The gutter will deflect rainwater away from the roof and the house. When a gutter is clogged, it will lead to damage to the siding of the waters. The water could also accumulate on the roof which will leave it susceptible to damage. Make sure the gutters are being inspected before the winter season. The inspection doesn’t stop there. You will need to clear ice dams often to avoid blockage of the gutters. Failure to do so will result in damage to the gutters as they will not be able to hold all the weight. To keep your gutters strong and functional, make sure that you’re removing ice dams.

Check Attic Ventilation

You might not know it but the performance of the attic is directly linked to the roof. If it is not performing well, you could be facing serious energy losses which will, in turn, lead to high electric bill. If it is poorly ventilated or insulated, it will be exposing the internal structures of the roof to the elements. It won’t take long before you have to replace the whole structure because of extensive damages.

Clear All Debris

Make sure that all the debris on the roof are being cleared before winter approaches. This you can easily do by looking for a power washing company. The debris should also be cleared from the gutters, downspouts, and flashing. You want to make sure that moisture won’t have a grip on the roof whenever there is a major storm.
Clear All Debris

Professional Inspection

Hiring professional inspection will be the right thing to do for your Modern Roofing problems, especially if you don’t have a clue of what you’re supposed to be looking out for. You might be tempted to get on the roof in order to fix the issue but that is not always recommended as you might know what to look out for. A professional inspection will ensure that potential problems are being discovered early before they get out of hand. Make sure to do your research before you invite someone into your home.

By working with professionals, you’re assured of safety and you don’t have to worry about the storms during winter.

To sum it up, it is better to be prepared so that you’re not being caught unawares when there is an issue with the roof. There should be a professional inspection every 12-15 months or whenever there is a major storm forecasted. This will not only ensure that you’re safe but you’re also guaranteed a roof that will last for years to come.