The most important aspect of a bedroom is the bed. If you do not decorate the bed in a proper manner, it is going to look dull. For example, you have to consider how many pillows you want to use for it? Or what size of the pillow will be suitable? These answers are mainly going to depend on your bedroom style, your preference, and your aesthetics. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you decorate your bed.

Every Component of the Bed has a Function

Every Component of the Bed has a Function
You have to keep in mind that the components of the bed aren’t there just for the sake of it. Some of the important components of the bed are few decorative pillows, a converter, and a coverlet. You will also be able to use the decorative pillow for some other purpose like for support when you sit on the bed for reading. Also, at night, you can use it for supporting your back. If you put it behind your back, it is not going to become dirty. Comforters are used during chilly nights. A coverlet is actually a lighter weight quilt or blanket which is primarily used during the night.

Place Pillows from Biggest to Smallest

This is actually pretty obvious but many people tend to forget it. The simple rule will make sure that the colors and fabrics of the decorative pillow are properly highlighted. Place the pillow from big to small so that all of them are visible. Keep it simple and elegant.

Use Different Color, Textures, and Sizes of Decorative Pillows

Use Different Color, Textures, and Sizes of Decorative Pillows
Even if you are using 5 pillows on the bed, they should be of different colors and sizes. This is going to give a variation to the look and make it appear interesting. For example, you can use 3 designed pillows with 2 solid color pillows. This is going to keep your bed from looking cluttered or clumsy. When you use varieties of decorative pillows, it is going to draw color from the different corners of the room and is going to give them purpose.

Play with Colors and Patterns

Clean and simple white color bedding is offset when you use a coverlet that is highly patterned. This will give an artistic look to the bed. Use grey or white for the bedding and bright colored coverlet. The strong punches of color will also make the room look illuminated.

Pare Decorative Pillows to Give a Contemporary Look

Pare Decorative Pillows to Give a Contemporary Look
Do you want to give your room a luxury hotel like feel? Then you have to try out the contemporary look. Use simple looking white linens along with a luxurious throw towards the end of the bed along with this put in a decorative pillow for completing the look. This is a straightforward palette which gives a calming and sophisticated look to the bed, as well as the entire bedroom.

Get a Bedspread

If you want to get a tailored look for your bed, you need to use a bedspread. This will make the bed look simple and elegant. Get a striped bed sheet for a bed that has upholstered headboard for creating a cozy and luxurious environment. Add a faux fur pillow to give a whimsy touch to the bed. It will contradict the sleek look of the whole décor.

Play with the Pillow Shapes and Placement

To give a twist to the bed, you can simply rotate the back pillow and keep it in a diagonal manner. This will offer an interesting touch to the décor. Also, it will be different than the usual bed décor. Use prints to give it an added zeal.

Use Decorative Pillow

Use Decorative Pillow
Make sure that you use a decorative pillow for tying up the look. If there is a printed wall cover behind the bed, it is going to bring out the color that you have used for the bed. considers this to be a cohesive decorative scheme. For example, you can use some bold color pillows, and printed bolsters for pulling out the patterns and colors from across the room on to your bed. Adding a bed-skirt to the bed from the same fabric as the bolster pillow will offer a sophisticated look to the bed. This is a great way to tie everything together.

Use Limited Palette for Limited Decorative Pillows

In case you are using several decorative pillows for the bed, make sure that you are using a palette which will not overwhelm the room. For example, you can use a grey palette for the entire room. Even if you have 7 or 9 pillows, with duvet cover and a coverlet, the dressing is not going to be overwhelming. Even though this is not for everyone, it will help in creating a great bed.

Decorating a bed is a significant part of decorating the bed. It can be an arduous task. Even though guests do not hang out in the bedroom, it is one of the primary rooms of your house. The interior design of the bedroom will display your personality and will provide you with a comfortable sitting environment. The decoration of the bedroom has to be personalized as it is an expression of who you actually are. The primary aim of designing the entire bedroom is to make some space which exudes relaxation, happiness and will express your style.

Make sure that you maintain the theme of the bedroom when you decorate the bed. If you fail to maintain it then it is going to make the theme look cluttered. Choose a color palette that will make the room look spacious and cozy. Opt for warm and revitalizing colors. The bed should appear inviting. Keep in mind that this is where you would like to relax at the end of the day. Whatever, you do, the bed has to be comfortable enough. Use high-quality bed lines which will inspire quality resting time. The color you opt for bedding has to match the bedding theme.