Accomplished roofers in Tampa say that safety is one of the leading reasons you’ll want to hire qualified roofing fanatics over conventional or beginner individuals, especially since professionals know the significant causes of roof problems in the area based on weather and other factors. While you may have your roofing DIY skills, complex issues like loose, damaged, or missing shingles, fault sealing, and clogged gutters need the attention of roofing technicians who know the ins and outs of repairing and fixing things comprehensively.

The Best Roofing Contractors in Tampa

While there are many roofing contractors in Tampa, this list consists of the most dependable, especially when you’re fascinated about saving more, receiving comprehensive inspection and repairs that’d prevent future problems that are expensive and bothersome to deal with.

  • Larry Miller Roofing Contractors

Whether you’re looking for professional roofing services for your newly constructed home, repairs including leaks and re-roofing project needs, Larry Miller Roofing has got you covered. The company has been offering dependable roofing services since the 1950s, and previous customers have always applauded them for a good job done the first time. They are suitable, especially if you’ve got emergency roof leaks and other needs for commercial and residential purposes. Larry Miller contractors are also licensed, meaning you’ll be working with trustworthy roofs throughout your project.  Additionally, if you’re interested in rubber roofing services, Larry Miller roofers are still your best shot.

  • Stay Dry Contactors

Located at 4700 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL. 33603, Stay Dry roofing contractors are your best choice if you’re looking for a quality roofing inspection, repairs, and re-roofing services. They are a family-owned company offering satisfactory roofing services with the highest warranties around since 1987. They will inspect your roof, discuss the best solution and provide guidelines for preventing future problems.

  • Tampa Roof Repair

While you’ll need roofers for inspection and repairs, Tampa Roof Repair contractors will also offer you roof cleaning services hardly provided by other companies around. They are dependable, especially since they are certified technicians who’ve established reputable relationships with roofing authorities, meaning they can and will always help you attain construction permissions quickly based on the codes regulating such projects. Their repairs are done with different materials, including flat, tile, and metal roofing systems based on your desired choice.

  • Gold Seal Roofing, LLC

To have the best roofing services, you’ll want contractors offering complete- services including installation, and repairs for your residential and commercial needs. When that happens, Gold Seal Roofing, LLC is precisely the contractor you’re looking for. They’ll handle your roofing and construction projects without hassles while you focus on other beneficial matters. Moreover, you’ll like them for their use of advanced roofing technology and skills, especially for their extensive experience over the years. Once you’ve assigned them your roof problems, they’ll address and guide you, considering future issues can be expensive to manage, thus reducing your maintenance costs.

  • ConstructoMax Roofing Contractors

When looking to compare the services for reliable roofing contractors offering complete roofing services, including installation, re-roofing, and repairs, you’ll want to balance between ConstructaMax Roofing Contractors and Gold Seal Roofing, LLC’s services. However, ConstructoMax Roofing Contractors are the most suitable option for most Tampa homeowners considering their affordability and excellent services for those in urgent need.   They also have competitive pricing and premium products, meaning you’ll be benefiting from long-lasting roofing materials that give you value for your roofing investment.

  • Southern Pro Restoration, LLC

The company is considered the leader in the industry in and around Tampa, especially for its extensive expertise in dealing with different roofing issues. They are the best for roof replacement considering their technicians are comprehensively trained to follow a strategy that promises satisfactory results, especially if you’re fascinated about having a roof that blends with your property décor and aesthetics. Moreover, they use materials aimed at withstanding harsh weather conditions and preventing potential damages in the future.

  • Avatar Roofing LLC

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential roofing services, you’ll want contactors excellently experienced to deliver results beyond your expectations, which you’ll enjoy from the Avatar Roofing LLC technicians. They are also celebrated for having the best roofing products in the market, helping you to reduce roofing maintenance and also improve your property value, especially if you’re a real estate enthusiast.

  • SCM Roofing, LLC

Another company you’ll like for taking complete control of your roofing project from installation, inspection, and repairing is SCM Roofing, LLC. Additionally, while other roofers may leave behind materials for you to clean or incur cleaning costs, SCM technicians are known to permanently remove everything used during their stay to ensure you’ve got a cleaning looking space easy to capture tenants and buyer’s attention if you’re in the rental or real estate industry.

  • Ridge Top Exterior

Ridge Top Exterior is your best shot if you’re looking for contactors celebrated for complete customer satisfaction. They have been in the game since 2002 and offer quality artistry, long-lasting products, and professional services you can’t help but love. From emergency leaks to custom roof replacement, they will ensure you’ve what you’ve always wanted.

  • Code Engineered Systems Roofing

As a family-owned company, they are your best shot considering they know how to fix roofs correctly to prevent overwhelming home bills, especially if you’re paying for heating and cooling, which can be expensive with leaks. Additionally, while others forget about you once they are done with your project, Code Engineered Systems Roofing technicians will always be helpful by offering care services regularly, which helps identify issues hardly seen at first which can be expensive when they worsen.


While you’ll come across many roofing contractor service companies in Tampa, this list contains the ones you can easily trust and those with competitive pricing, quality materials, and excellent reputations from previous customers.