Turkish towels differ from regular towels because of their high absorbance property and style. These towels are traditionally woven on looms in Turkey with 100 percent cotton. Peshtemals is another name for Turkish towels. These towels are becoming famous in the United States because of their benefits compared to regular towels. If you are searching for high-quality Turkish towels, you will never regret buying them.

Origin Of Turkish Towel

Turkish towels have been used for more than 100 years in Turkish baths, known as hammams. At that time, they wear Turkish towels for baths. Now, these towels have been rediscovered, and people love these Turkish towels because of their many qualities and benefits, which I am discussing below. But before knowing their benefits, we first discover why these towels are so special.

Why Are Turkish Towels So Special?

The secret of their specialty is the ultra-long fibre of Turkish cotton, and they also weave differently. These two reasons make the Turkish towel more absorbent and light in weight. Compared to regular towels, which are bulky, stiff, and less absorbent with time.

The Different Uses Of Turkish Towels?

The most important benefit of a Turkish towel is that it can be used in many other ways, including bathing. Like

  • As Your Beach Towel (The Sand Won’t Stick!)
  • For Travel
  • As A Scarf
  • As A Sarong
  • As A Wrap
  • In The Bathroom, Right Out Of The Shower
  • As Your Beach Towel (The Sand Won’t Stick!)
  • As An Aeroplane Companion
  • A Picnic Blanket Or A Tablecloth

Types Of Turkish Towels

Turkish Cotton Towels are absorbent and durable because of their pure Turkish cotton.

Bath Sheet Turkish Towels: It is the best option if you want a bigger towel than a typical bath towel. This towel provides you with maximum coverage.

Hand Towel Turkish Towels: These towels are used in the kitchen or bathroom. And they are smaller than a bath towel.

Terry Cloth Turkish Towels: This towel comprises terry cloth and Turkish cotton. They are soft and have more absorbency.

Bath Mat Turkish Towels: They feature scrubbing feet and are designed as bath mats.

Pestemal Turkish Towels: These towels are made of linen and Turkish cotton and are popular for their lightweight, absorbance, and softness.

Kitchen Towel Turkish Towels: They are a size up than hand towels and are used in the kitchen for many purposes like drying and cleaning dishes and other things.

Waffle Weave Turkish Towels: This towel comprises Turkish cotton and waffle weave fabric and is famous for its texture and absorbance.

Why Should You Choose a Turkish Towel? What Are The Benefits?

Turkish towels can be used for many purposes because of their versatile style, quality, and design. You can choose the type that you prefer. But they also have some other benefits.

Weight Of The Towel

The high-quality Turkish towels are the ones that have more absorbency but are also lightweight. And it is the major sign of a perfect towel. So a lightweight towel is easy to carry during travel and wash easily. You can put a Turkish towel in your luggage without the fair weight. Regular towels are bulky and get zero space in your Suitcase.

Fabric Quality

regular towels are made of fabric that gets harder after every wash. But Turkish towels have long fiber Turkish cotton with different loops that absorb maximum water and become soft after every wash.

Right Size

Turkish towels are available in different sizes, so you can select the one you prefer. Picking up the right size will help you to use them efficiently.


Turkish towels are versatile and come in many design sizes and patterns. So you can also carry them as a piece of style like scarf, sarong and bag style. They also add color and charm to your bathroom or house.


It is like a long-term investment because these Turkish towels are durable. And they are passing as a tradition in Turkey.

Different Loops

The loops of a traditional Turkish towel are made by hand, which is why they are soft and fluffy. You will love to wear and feel a Turkish towel. It is the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

Affordable Price

Turkish towels are affordable and worth their price compared to regular ones. their versatility and style add luxury color to your bathroom or house. If you are considering buying a new towel, then the Turkish towel is the best.

Highly Absorbent

A big advantage of Turkish towels is their absorbency and dry nature. They are the right choice for the beach, travel, and in the shower. You can also pack them after use because they dry quickly.

Extraordinary Features

Turkish towels have many extraordinary features, including eco-friendly, compact quick dry, natural material, and versatility. And its use is not limited to the bathroom. You can even wear it to get a cool style because of its stylish design and bright colors.

A Perfect Gift

Yes, it is the best gift for your loved ones who love traveling or love to decorate their house. Because these towels are the best traveling companion, add color and charm to house decor, and give a luxurious touch, select the one Turkish towel as a perfect gift if you are searching for a gift.


By reading the above details, now you know more about Turkish towels, their benefits, and types. These towels are an on-time investment, but you will love to have them. Their unique style and colour will add a unique touch to your house decor. But also keep you warm, cosy, and dry. Now you have a lot of info about Turkish towels. They also look cool as a shawl, tablecloth, or beach sheet. That is the reason Turkish towels are unique and versatile.

Whenever you want to buy a new towel, choose the Turkish towel and make your life colourful and hassle-free because of its many qualities and versatility. You will love its colour, design, and absorbance. Order your Turkish towel from a reliable source.