Every kitchen will differ in terms of size, so you won’t always be able to accommodate everything you need. Of course, there will always be specific appliances that you need, and most kitchens are outfitted with, such as a microwave, refrigerator, and oven or stove. Avoiding the obvious, here is a list of practical items that you may not have in your kitchen already, but should be something to consider adding to your cooking space.

Portable Stove Top

Most homes have large stoves in their kitchens, often built-in with an oven. Although this is the most common, especially for large living and cooking spaces, there are situations where a small portable stove is ideal. The obvious scenario for this is if you are living in a small home already or planning on moving to a place that doesn’t offer much in terms of space. These come in different options, with single and double stove tops being available depending on your preference and needs. This is also great as a way to cook your food already at the table and eat it nearby. Even if you have a fully outfitted kitchen, having a portable stove allows you to host dinner parties where people can cook their meals and enjoy them together, or even bring this on outdoor adventures like camping. There are many benefits to consider as to why you might want this addition.

Air Fryer

Most kitchens will have a large oven and stove combination appliance already in their home, but an air fryer is a great small appliance to have that can make unique dishes that you can’t simply recreate with conventional and common appliances. The air fryer is great for cooking things faster as well as making food crispier in comparison to an oven. This is perfect for french fries or anything breaded, as you get a nice crunch with every bite. In comparison with oven baking, your foods can turn out a little soggy, while frying on the stove requires a significant amount of oil, and with that comes the risk of burning your foods, yourself, and potentially a fire hazard. Another benefit of an air fryer is that it is easy to clean, as the different compartments come apart quite easily. It is also easy to store, making it an easy addition to your kitchen.

Coffee Maker

Coffee has become a staple drink for all kinds of people. You drink this to start your day, as a quick energy boost to pick yourself up, or simply because you enjoy the taste and flavor. There is a wide range of different coffee makers to choose from, depending on your needs, from the types of coffee you enjoy to the budget that you have, specifically highlighted with kitchefry.com in their list of top choices. There are basic coffee makers to consider if you are a first-time drinker, and have just found the joy and flavor of caffeine, to more artisanal options to bring out the barista in you. With benefits to every cup, you’ll surely consider adding a coffee maker into your kitchen to fill it with that beloved aroma every home should have with a great cup of coffee.


Another small appliance that you want to add to your kitchen and will get a great amount of use from is a blender. This is a great way to create some meal substitutes and snacks on the go, creating smoothies of all kinds. There are different options, again, depending on your needs and the size of your kitchen. If you are looking to only create single servings, consider only getting a small personal blender where the large smoothie compartment doubles as your drinking cup. Of course, if you have a family or want to entertain and make smoothies for more people to enjoy, you’ll want to consider options that create more servings. Having a blender will make consuming vegetables and fruits much easier and faster. This is great for diets and getting the essential food groups that you need to consume daily. Once you add a blender to your kitchen, you are most likely going to use it almost every day.

Dish Rack

Another item to consider in your kitchen for practicality is a dish rack and drain pan. Not everyone may have the space or money to afford to have a dishwasher in their kitchen, so a dish rack will come in handy when you have to wash your dishes by hand. You can look at options where the rack will hover directly above the kitchen sink so any water coming off of it simply drips into your drainage, otherwise, a pan or mat that drains down to the sink will keep water residue from collecting when you leave your dishes to dry.

Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer is important for cooking different meals. This ensures that your food cooks properly and thoroughly. Chicken and poultry is meat that you want to be extra cautious about, as you can get away with undercooking protein like beef. The same goes for pork in terms of food that you do not want to be eating rare or undercooked. This becomes important when you are cooking meals like turkey, as they are often large and take hours to prepare. Not only do you want to have this to prevent undercooking, but it is also helpful to prevent overcooking food, as you can easily leave your dishes in the oven roasting longer than you should. Have a meat thermometer in your kitchen to ensure you get the perfect outcome for any meal.

When you consider your home, you have to understand that a great amount of time you spend will be in the kitchen, preparing and cooking meals and making snacks for you to enjoy and be healthy. You want to ensure that you have the proper tools and appliances to make cooking, and even cleaning easier, reducing the amount of time you dedicate to preparing meals and giving you more time to enjoy them.