Have you ever found yourself digging fingers into that one spot on your lower back that just won’t stop aching? Looking a little too closely at your skin in the mirror? Noticing that your hands and feet are dry and cracked, your eyes a bit puffy, hair looking brittle?

You may even catch yourself in the middle of a daydream: seaweed wraps, deep tissue massage, maybe even cupping if you’re feeling adventurous. Blackhead treatments and an intense mani/pedi that friends and coworkers will compliment for weeks. But spa treatments can get expensive, depending on what you’re looking for.

Luckily it isn’t too hard to find products that make your bathroom – no matter the size – a comfortable and personalized at-home spa. All it takes is a bit of tailoring and an hour or two of “me time” for you to wind down, take a deep breath, and feel refreshed – all without having to leave the house!

Let’s start with face products.

Spas often offer facials, which cleanse skin while hydrating and in some cases even fighting signs of aging. Often facials involve chemicals, and it’s hard not to give in to them. The idea of peeling the dirt and grime off of your face to reveal youthful, clear skin beneath is appealing.

But it’s surprisingly easy to make your own face masks and cleansers at home, depending on what you’re looking for. Most recipes will include honey, tea, and baking soda. Some will incorporate milk, oats, and even avocados. Whether you have oily or dry skin, there are countless recipes on the internet that are affordable and can be made with items you have in your kitchen right this minute.

Hair Care

Hair Care

The most common issue that most women face when it comes to their hair is dryness. Go to any grocery store or pharmacy and the shelves are stocked with creams, conditioners, and oils to help keep moisture locked in.

Hair treatments at spas include keratin treatments, deep conditioners, cuts, and colors. While we can’t really provide a quick run-down of how to get the perfect bleach blonde look or asymmetrical cut, the other options are available for little cost at most stores, or can be made at home.

Keratin treatments have become popular in the last few years and many haircare companies carry a version of it. Deep conditioners are available for all hair types and don’t usually take more than twenty minutes to moisturize your hair. Or if you’re more interested in do-it-yourself masks, try the popular egg and olive oil or coconut oil. Add some scalp massage in, and you’ll sigh in satisfaction.

Mani/Pedi Products

While we don’t expect you to be able to apply perfect lines of nail polish or acrylics, basic nail, hand, and foot care is easy.

Find an intense, penetrating cream for hands and for feet. These are usually made of balms and lotions. Vaseline and shea butter are popular as both keep skin moisturized for long periods of time and relieve flakiness. Popular brands are Vaseline, Udderly Smooth, O’Keeffe’s, and Burt’s Bees.

If you’d like to go full-throttle with the mani/pedi and paint your nails, keep in mind that press-ons or any product using glue can be damaging to the nail. Follow the general procedure for applying polish and remove it in a timely manner to ensure minimal damage to the nail itself and cuticles.

Making Scents

Making Scents

For a long time, aromatherapy wasn’t taken seriously by the majority of people. These days it’s used in many naturopathic and therapeutic settings as a way to calm patients as well as improve their lifestyles, whether that means helping them sleep, relieving anxiety, or waking up faster in the morning. Add in Devon Wick to your list when it comes to fragrances for their products are one of most genuine in terms of providing the real experience of having scented candles, wax melts and other home fragrances.

Massage has made use of aromatherapy in one form or another for years. Some clients might ask for or seek it directly; others are unaware that there is an oil diffuser in the room spritzing lavender or citrus scents.

Luckily, at-home aromatherapy has been made much easier by the popularity of oil diffusers. They come in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes and can fit any space or design. They’re pretty low-key, unless you want yours to stand out, and can be tucked in corners. The best part is that you can choose your own oils – keep it simple with calming lavender, or go for a mix that is made to lift your mood.

No matter what you’re looking to accomplish at home and in your free time, the options we’ve presented can fit easily your routine and lifestyle. None of these products take up much space, and each one can be tailored to your needs – dry hair, oily skin, anxiety – take the time to treat yourself without having to set aside a block of time or chunk of money to spend at the spa!