Are you considering installing an efficient sliding door in your home or garden? Our experts have selected the best alternatives of Klein sliding doors. Here we present a complete compilation with the different types of sliding doors available on the market. Read on to select the quality sliding door that best suits you and best suits your needs.

Hanging Sliding Doors

First, we find the hanging sliding doors. It is a type of door that is quite easy to put on because it does not require any type of work, but simply some space to where the door can be moved when opened. These doors can be quite basic, with the top-mounted rail mechanism and also more sophisticated, with unique design guides and different ways of hiding the rail from view, such as using trims.

Sliding Doors Integrated into Partitions

On the other hand, we also find, as the experts from KLEIN explain, some Klein sliding doors of the best quality that are integrated into partitions. These are internal sliding doors that work with built-in guides with the sole objective that the door, when opened, is well integrated into the wall. In these cases, as is logical, work will have to be done to install them. These doors are much more discreet than other models and will be ideal in rooms that want to add an elegant touch, such as living rooms or double rooms. We also recommend them for double doors, such as doors that usually separate a living room and a dining room or also for homes with large living rooms.

One-Leaf Sliding Doors

Sliding doors with a single leaf have horizontal movement in both directions and are the most recommended for the interior and those that you have surely seen, for example, in private and public bathrooms. This type of sliding door can be located in guides if you are looking for a cheaper alternative and also embedded in the wall if you want to resort to an alternative with a slightly higher but much more efficient price, taking into account that this will probably increase the installation price.

Double Rail Sliding Doors

If you are looking for good quality sliding doors for the shower screen or for a closet in your home, for example, double rail sliding doors will be the best alternative. These sliding doors are driven by the double rail, both on the top and also on the ground, making it possible to move the door very safely. In these cases, sliding doors of this type are usually made up of different doors that cross each other easily.

Sliding Doors with Fixed Leaf

An interesting alternative are the sliding doors that incorporate one of the fixed leaves. Normally, these types of doors are usually combined with fixed glass doors that let light through and are usually fixed on the wall. The other part of the door is mobile and usually also has a larger size than the fixed leaf to achieve a fully professional aesthetic and functional result.

Japanese Style Sliding Doors

Another of the best known and valued sliding door models that exist are sliding doors with Japanese style. These sliding doors we recommend especially if you are looking for doors that are especially elegant and that allow you to get a good game in your home. These are sliding doors that are usually used mainly to separate living rooms and terraces. In addition, these types of panels are based on the Japanese mobile panel structures that are usually found in different Japanese homes and not on the classic partitions that you can find today in Western homes.

With this type of sliding doors, it is possible to change the doors comfortably according to what you need at any time, creating separate rooms very quickly and easily to sleep or simply large spaces to enjoy the space together during the day. It is an interesting eastern option that is increasingly being incorporated for sliding doors and the design of western homes.

Parallel Sliding Doors

We recommend these sliding doors for very large spaces such as dining rooms or if you want to separate the kitchen from the living room, limiting your access in an original way. In this type of door each of the leaves is located on a different side of the wall. It is somewhat more complicated to install than the previous doors since it is important that the pieces fit together efficiently so as not to fail aesthetically or at the level of acoustic or thermal insulation.