Maintaining a yard takes a lot of effort. It requires you to know the essentials of gardening. Out of which the most important part is watering the plants. The term irrigation refers to watering plants and crops regularly for their growth. In present times, irrigation methods have evolved a lot.

Technology has made it easier for people to do their daily activities. Earlier, people used to water plants by filling up the bucket. Now, people have become accustomed to using machines. This makes it quick and easy.

There are many methods that you can follow to water your plants:

  • Drip Irrigation

The Drip Irrigation method emits the water directly to the roots of the plants. It is very efficient and delivers the right amount of water to the plants. It consists of little nozzles that help the water to reach the roots. The best part about this system is that it saves water. One important thing to know is that this type of irrigation technique requires clean water to work. If the water is muddy it will block the nozzles.

  • Sprinkler Irrigation

The sprinkler method helps spread water to a large area. There are poles that have small holes on the top through which pressured water is sprinkled. The water is distributed with force all around the yard. These poles are to be situated in the field at proper distances. This helps in covering the whole area of the garden. It’s important to notice that the water supply should be limited. This is because the water comes with force making the foliage of your plants wet. So, make sure that you control the water supply according to the needs of the plants.

The Sprinkler System can be of two types: Pop up the sprinkler and Portable Sprinklers. These can be easily installed through Hydro Dynamics Corp after analyzing the soil and plants in your yard. The former is structured as a pole with emitters on the top. The latter is like a pipe with emitters on the sides.

  • Soaker Hose

The Soaker Hose method is comparatively less expensive than others. Like, Drip irrigation systems, these also release water directly to the roots. They are like flexible long pipes with tiny holes all around the surface. When the water flows through these pipes, the tiny holes all together act as a sprinkler. You can get these in different colors and designs. The drawback of these is that they don’t distribute water to the plants equally.

  • Garden Hose

A Garden hose is like a water pipe connected with a sprinkler at the end. You can easily use it to sprinkle water in your yard. The water flow is controlled by you, so there is no chance of your plants getting harmed. Also, your backyard will be safe for you to walk. They are made of rubber and plastic.

  • Furrow Irrigation

Furrow Irrigation functions on gravity. Long parallel channels are made to supply water. At the top of these channels, pipelines are installed. These pipelines release water and through the downward flow, it reaches the plants. This method of Irrigation depends on the surface of your garden. You can also use gardening tools for shaping the surface. If the slope of the area where the pipe is installed is steep, then the speed of the water flow will be faster. This will enhance irrigation. But, if the slope differs, there is a high chance of slow water flow. This will take a lot of time in reaching the ends of the channel.

There are so many methods that are available to you for your ease. Through these techniques, you get a chance to improve your yard. So, select the best irrigation system that suits you and meets your requirements.