Sectional sofas are great pieces of furniture to have in any home. Modular sofas are even better as they can separate like chairs, so they can fit anywhere in the room when they are seperated. They can be plush and cozy and you can custom design them at Whom Home. They come in so many different styles and colors that there is something for every taste. For those people who are not interested in the traditional sofa and or sectional there is a big hit in town! Whom now has a sofa that is round and curved not like a circle but more like an oval. The oval sectional separates into oval chairs. This is a huge win when you want functionality along with badass style to decorate your crib.

These functional and amazing pieces of luxury known as the sectional sofa are designed to not only please the eye, but please the ease of care when needing to clean a spot or cushion. A clean cloth and mild soap will take out spots and food spillage without having to call the costly furniture cleaners.

The modular sofa is designed with such brilliant ideas that they come apart like a simple puzzle, when necessary. Here is another wow factor one would think would be complex to seperate them and it is not. To separate the sections of the sectional sofa they are not attached they simply sit snug and move apart with ease.

The color options are literally in the dozens so everyone can fill their color pallet of choice and choose the greatest color for their space.

Sectional sofas come in curved, round, and circular layouts for the hype at heart and they still come in a traditional square unit for those that are wanting a classic look. Round sofas will steal the heart of the show.

A modular sofa can seat all your guests and comfortably fit in some designs up to seven people. They have curved backs for your comfort and taste. These extravagant seating systems are bound to impress your friends.

The modular sofa can go into any style home or condo and look gorgeous, bringing a flair of brilliance to the space. Good looking and inviting, warm and dynamic and beyond comfortable describes the modern sectional sofa.

The options for different types of sofas are endless and picking on out can be a daunting decision. There are so many different kinds to consider. The freelancer modular, the stylist modular, and the pragmatist modular sofa are items to consider here. The freelancer sectional sofa is just large and in charge with pillow tops everywhere laid out flat and attached to it. This beauty of a beast will have everyone wanting more time chilling out on it, and that means everyone. The stylist is so simple and sharp it is almost illegal to think there is a sofa so perfect and so available to have custom made and placed in the perfect location, within your home. The pragmatist modular sofa is the stuff that dreams are made from. With that lower arm look on each of the back sides, which fills that perfect desire for a place to prop up a throw pillow slightly as a head rest when maxing and relaxing. We all know that arm on the sofa that is just too high and requires several throw pillows to try and make it just right, for a pillow under your head. Even though it never really is just right and if you have ever struggled with that then this sofa is ideal. It is also ideal with it’s chaise lounge section and sophisticated simplicity. There might not be another sectional sofa on the planet as eye catching and comfortable as these modular bad boys.