Finding just the right color to use when styling up your kitchen might be a bit tricky right? But, that can only be if you really have not taken the time to research the most commonly used colors on cabinets like navy blue kitchen cabinets. This, therefore means that as a homeowner you do not have to automatically default to white when you can actually bring in this beautiful color to work with.

The navy blue color creates a great contrast in the kitchen interior as it easily blends with any other color used with it. Of all the other shades of blue, navy blue is one that is the trendiest, especially in modern kitchens. In this article below, we will look at some of the things you might want to know as you work with this color on your cabinets.

Why Navy blue?

Despite this color being so popular in most kitchen spaces, below are some other reasons why you will just not go wrong with using navy blue kitchen cabinets in your space:


This is one beautiful color as it just draws its own kind of attention. It brings an air of extravagance, drama, and also works well in balancing the lighting of the kitchen. Who would not want that for a space that is as special to most people as the kitchen? It being a traditional color just like black means that you just cannot go wrong with it. It makes the kitchen interior look not only peaceful but also very relaxing.

It is compatible

With navy blue, you can easily use it with different colors and still achieve great combinations. This will work well and efficiently for you if you are considering using a different color on the walls, ceiling, tiles, and other kitchen accessories. Using navy blue kitchen cabinets will be the perfect way to go!

It shows modernity

Just like the color black, navy blue is one color that has been in the market in this recent days, and most people like it because it makes work so much easy. This will therefore mean that using having navy blue kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a more modern look compared to using any other color.

Easy to clean and maintain

Darker colors are good at hiding dirt compared to brighter colors. These kitchen cabinets will therefore give you an easier time when it comes to cleaning them especially if you are mostly busy. They also still maintain their look even after wear and tear as someone can hardly tell due to their nature.

Although, you should also consider cleaning them as often as possible as kitchen hygiene is very crucial for the better of everyone.

Improves the resale value

For any modern design, navy blue kitchen cabinets would be a great fit as it is common in these times. This means that if you are remodeling your house for the purpose of reselling it then, you might want to consider this as it will be one of the key details our clients might be looking for.

Emotional Appeal

Using navy blue kitchen cabinets will help you establish a more emotional connection with your cooking while you are in the kitchen. According to research, this color has proven to be one of the most relaxing colors. This is because this color relieves you from stress and makes your mood better as it is a nature-based color.

How to make your kitchen better with Navy blue kitchen cabinets?

There are so many ways that you can use to change the outlook of your kitchen with navy blue kitchen cabinets. Below are some of the things that you can do to make this happen:

Blend it with other colors

Like earlier mentioned, you can incorporate other colors so well with navy blue as it is a compatible color. Good thing is that this is one color that comes in different hues making your work so easy. You can go through the ideas of combinations that you can use to work with your navy blue kitchen cabinets. They include colors like; White, metallic gold, mustard….the list goes on. Any bright colors would work well with these colors or even a monochrome would be a great idea, this can be on the walls, kitchen accessories, tiles, hardware, or kitchen cutlery.

Depending on the mood that you would like to create in your kitchen, these color combinations will help you achieve that.

Create more space

Due to the dark nature of this color, navy blue might appear to be dominant. This means that, if not well used in smaller spaces the kitchen might look more congested than it actually is. So, to effectively use navy blue kitchen cabinets in your kitchen space, ensure you create just enough space to avoid creating this kind of vibe. You can do so by creating more open shelves than closed ones and getting rid of some old or unused cutlery.

Work on good lighting

As navy blue is a dark color, it would only be okay if you work on putting a little extra lighting compared to what you might have in a kitchen with lighter cabinetry. You can do this by having a little more spacious window or by just installing more pendant light that goes well with the design of the rest of the kitchen.

What to consider when picking cabinetry

Pricing and quality

This is an important factor as you have to work within your budget so as to have a complete and successful project. While on this though, do not compromise on the quality as this is something that should serve you for long.

Size of your space

You have to know the exact measurement of your kitchen for you to know the exact size to make for your cabinetry.


You need to know where you want to buy your cabinetry, and how available it is, and also it has to be a place that is affordable but the quality is assured.


With what you know now about navy blue kitchen cabinets you know you can never go wrong if you choose it.