Long gone are those days when the only option that you had for a table was the same old option that made your room look mundane and lifeless. At Ferm Living, we have made it a point to make sure that when it comes to tables, you do not have to settle for the same old options, and we can give you the best. 

We can vouch that we have some of the best designers from all over the world who ensure that they can craft excellence just for you. The range of tables we have is currently the best in the market, and we can say with conviction that Ferm Living tables are the top options you need to invest in today.

Table Options That You Should Try Out:

Some of the best options when it comes to the best Ferm Living tables are mentioned below:

Mineral Cafe Table: 

The Mineral Cafe Table is one of the most outstanding options for those looking for a small option that they can easily place in their living rooms. The beauty about the table is that the top of the same is of a sharp chisel, and hence it tends to add sharpness. Along with the smaller variant, we have got a dining table version.

Post-Dining Table: 

The next option we have is the post-dining table, and the inspiration we have is none other than Brutalism. The best thing is that this is a vintage design, and the round and large shapes are best for you if you dine together in a big family.

Mineral Sculptural Table: 

Finally, the last option we have to mention in this respect is the mineral sculptural table, which is also unique. We make this with complete and genuine Bianco curia marble, which adds to the texture. 


We have some fantastic Ferm Living tables to make your room fully functional yet beautiful, and the size is entirely on you as per your preferences. We can vouch for the quality of the tables and the prices as well.