Winter is not the best time for your garden’s overall appearance, that’s a given. Don’t let this discourage you, though. In fact, if you know the secrets, you can easily incorporate some color, scent, texture, and composition to beautify your garden in winter. And you don’t even have to move to the Caribbean for that.

With our assistance, you can have a gorgeous winter garden if you live in the northern parts of the globe. Does your backyard look slightly sad, untidy, and drab in winter? Then this post is for you. If you follow the tips from the Bumper Crop Times team published below, looking out of the window of your house in February will be a lot more fun.

1. Grow plants/flowers that bloom in the cold.

Grow plants flowers that bloom in the cold.
Did you know that there are lots of flowers and flowering plants that thrive even in the dead of winter? Pansies, calendulas, winter Jasmin, camellias, crocuses, dogwood, and witch hazel are just a few of the gorgeous go-to winter flowers and plants. Make the most of your green thumb when planting some of them, and you will enjoy a splash of color in your used-to-be drab winter garden.

2. Get the lighting right.

Outdoor lighting can truly make your garden stand out. To get your garden space winter-ready, consider hanging lanterns on a few trees. Don’t overdo it by trying to light up every bush though. And make sure you opt for a delicate yellow glow instead of a cold white light when attempting to inject some cozy feel into your dark, wintery garden space.

3. Encourage birds to visit your garden.

During leafier months of the year, your feathery garden visitors are barely visible. However, in winter, you can see the birds in all their glory. Leave seed heads on your plants and hang feeders to encourage the birds to visit your garden space more often (and make sure cats don’t have access to them). Get your kids involved in the process, get all crafty, and have lots of fun while perking up your winter garden.

4. Enhance your window outlook.

Enhance your window outlook
If you’re not up for redesigning your garden or illuminating your outdoor space, you can always rearrange what’s easily movable e.g. garden ornaments or pot displays. Yep, making yourself mini winter gardens in pots and positioning them where you can see them best can really add that marvelous splash of color just where you need it. You spend most of your time indoors in winter anyway, so even creating a beautiful view from your window can truly make a difference.

Cutting to the Chase: Winterizing Your Garden

Aside from enhancing your garden’s design, make sure you prepare your garden space for the winter months. Protect the plants from severe cold, prevent slippery paths, remove weeds, look after your lawns, and sort out all the necessary chores to properly prepare for next year’s gardening season. At Bumper Crop Times, we always say that thinking ahead is the key to winterizing your home garden the smart way.