A little more brightness in the rooms of your home is adaptable to the different times of the day (day and night). In search of a little more discretion in the neighbourhood, you know perfectly well that you need the blinds. Except that there, your concern lies in the adaptability of the blind to the different times of the day. We recommend roller blinds day and night. In this article, we will give you the information necessary for a better understanding of roller blinds day and night.

What characterizes the roller blind day and night?

The roller shades day-night are identified through its strips of horizontal adjustable canvases attached to a double reel. The opacity of the slats varies according to the colour as well as the material of the sieving fabric. These are deployed totally or partially on the glazing by the simple action of a chain or a pull cord. Roller blind day and night, ideal for varying the intensity of light in your rooms!

Thanks to its components, the day and night roller blind allows you to choose the level of light in the room. When you lower the blind, you get maximum darkness, when you pull them halfway, you will logically have semi-darkness. So it is obvious that if you raise them completely, you will let in sunlight.

Why do you need to get roller blinds day and night?

Day/night blinds are very practical daily to nuance the brightness of the room according to your needs. It is therefore possible for you to promote the maximum entry of the sun during the day and then darken the room as the night arrives. Day/night roller blinds are absolute to be obtained because they embellish your windows and bring originality to your interior thanks to their zebra appearance.

How do day and night roller blinds work?

You must keep in mind that the roller blind day and night consists of 3 elements, namely: strips of canvas or veil sifting relatively opaque; a control system similar to a chain or cord and side mounts. The day/night blind is adjustable by a simple shot on the chain or cord. The double reel system allows the two parallel strips of canvas to be inserted or superimposed to adjust the brightness. 

Nor should we neglect details such as the quality and colour of the canvas. A polyester canvas guarantees protection from the sun. Then get your roller blinds day and night to protect you against the brightness as well as maintain your privacy.