Although there is something convenient about shooting a text message when in a hurry and receiving one so you can get through whenever convenient, especially if you are in the middle of something, the most liberating dialogues with friends rarely happen over text. If the past has been any indicator, most of these happen over the phone. There is just something calming and relaxing about talking to a loved one. Whether opening up to a parent about a secret we initially thought about burying or telling them about a great promotion that we received, doing this over the phone is a lot better than over text.

What did the Coronavirus do to interpersonal communication?

People that spent a lot of their time working or in distant education programs in other parts of the world were used to talking to their folks using Skype or Google hangouts.

Furthermore, saying that they were just a short few hours flight away was liberating and didn’t make the distance seem very far. However, when the pandemic hit, many people found themselves stuck with borders shutting around them, and transportation brought to a halt. The only thing keeping everyone sane through a scary time was the ability to communicate with loved ones through the internet. While the lockdown progressed, with everyone working at home around the world, the internet in India could no longer support this cause the internet speeds to begin fluctuating. The only way to communicate now was through regular calls which were getting expensive, but they were the only option over text messages.

What are some benefits of having a verbal conversation over a text one?

Speaking your mind, especially to people you trust and love, who are always supportive is one of the best solutions to help ease the stress felt. Whenever we are in a situation of great joy, sadness or fear, we always want to be surrounded and supported by the people we love. Not holding information within is one of the sure ways to increase the duration of our lives and assist us in living longer. Recent studies have found that holding things in and not speaking our mind has been linked to many emotional, mental and physical issues as well. Furthermore, it helps with receiving a different perspective to something we might have been going through. These perspectives allow us to make more informed decisions.

On the flip side, there are times when we do not receive the ‘congratulations’ we are looking for when we receive a promotion, but when we get it from others close to us, we feel a lot better.

How could we bridge the gap and make cheap international calls?

With a giant chunk of India working in the United States, and network providers were charging exorbitant amounts for international calls, there had to be another option. Finding a platform that allowed cheap calls to USA, was a lifesaver. Overall, the world needed a platform for cheap international calls. All the details were already added to the platform allowing people to go to the link and call their family or friends in America directly. Furthermore, this did not need the internet, with the calls just relying on a regular network or through a wired phone.