Have you ever wondered what a tree service does, and why you might need one? Here are just a few of the many helpful services that a tree service can offer. 

Thinning Foliage

Pruning trees is one of the main services offered by companies like Benton Tree Service. Knowing what to trim to best encourage healthy trees takes experience and knowledge. Understanding the growth patterns of different species of tree, and knowing how to spot infection and disease are all important skills that a tree service professional will have. 


If you want new trees on your property, an arborist can be a big help. Whether you want to move a tree, or plant a new one, an expert can help with things like water access and sun patterns. This makes sure your trees are able to grow, as well as making that your other plants aren’t effected. An expert will also have the equipment that makes the planting jobs go smoothly and quickly. 

Removing Stumps

Cutting down a tree is easy enough, but removing the stump and the root system can be a real challenge. When you bring in a tree service, they will know to clear away all the remnants of the dead tree that have been left behind. Your grass and other plants can thrive, without a tangle of dead roots stunting their growth and blocking important nutrients. 

Removing Trees

Knowing which trees you should remove and when you should remove them will help the rest of your yard to stay healthy and vibrant. If and when you do decide to remove a tree from your property, a tree service will have the proper heavy machinery to make sure that no damage is done to fences, other trees, or buildings on the property. If you have a tall, older tree that has come to the end of its life, it is important to take the proper precautions to remove it safely and cleanly. Let a properly insured professional with the right equipment do the dangerous job for you. 

Removing Trees In An Emergency

If a tree has come down during a thunderstorm, or a large branch has fallen, you need to act quickly. You might have severed power lines, which could take out the electricity of the whole neighborhood. Luckily, many tree services have an emergency response team in case of emergencies like this. The other benefit of this is that the companies that work on trees will also often have the equipment to help you out in a blizzard too. 

Assessing Tree Health

Tree services employ expert arborists who can diagnose tree health and advise you on the right steps to make sure your trees live a long, healthy life. The experts can assess the health of shrubs, bushes, and trees, and help you to make the right decisions to help your landscaping to grow in the way that you want it to. Tree surgeons can make quick and thorough diagnoses of all the green life in your garden.