If you’re searching for how to make a home office in a small space, this post is for you!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have switched to remote working. This new condition makes many small space dwellers struggle when creating a home office.

Now, count on Home Office Trend and chill out! We are going to prove that integrating an office into your limited home space is no longer a problem.

How To Make A Home Office In A Small Space?

Reconfigure An Existing Space

Your house doesn’t have ample space for a home office. Why not create a multi-purpose area?

In A Corner Of Kitchen

An effective blend of kitchen and office allows employees to work while keeping an eye on children.

Buying a dedicated desk for working purposes may break a bank. Instead, you can utilize your dining table. Moreover, your kitchen cabinets can serve as additional storage.

Under A Staircase

In a small apartment, it is necessary to reconsider every awkward area. Believe it or not, a small space under a staircase can do a good job for functional office settings.

However, the area under the stairs is often dimly lit, and a single table lamp cannot provide enough light for you to read or write. Instead, guarantee various lighting options in order not to spoil your eyesight.

In An Alcove

Unless you can find any spare space, maybe you are missing some “dead” alcoves. With a little bit of time and effort on installing a desk and some shelving, they can turn into peaceful areas where you can work.

It is advisable to keep your work out of sight and separate working hours from personal time. Add a curtain when you want to hide this area.

It is preferable if your cozy nook is next to the window. Therefore, you can take advantage of natural light and decrease the expense of electric use.

Make Use Of Modern Interior Furniture

Looking for how to make a home office in a small room? Utilizing modern interior furniture can be your next wonderful option.

A Folding Desk

A folding desk helps tiny-living dwellers quickly spruce up their areas.

Nowadays, folding desks are designed for a wider range of working conditions. You can use them while sitting as normal. Or standing types are also possible because they can be attached to the wall.

When it comes to a small apartment, any space is valuable. This type of desk fits into small areas, so it’s beneficial for easy storage without taking up too much space. Besides, these products are often budget-friendly. 

All-in-one Desk And Storage

Although we can store information on computers or smartphones, there is always a need for paperwork storage. Hence, an all-in-one desk and storage will be an amazing space-saver.

Dual Screen Monitor Arms

Dual screen monitor arms are helpful equipment in an ergonomic workspace.

Rather than being confined to one viewing position, users can make some adjustments to monitor screens and opt for multiple visual displays. Plus, it offers a certain advantage of saving desk space while bringing you more sweet spots during working.

A Closet

A cloffice is a renovative solution for space-saving. As its name suggests, it is the combination of a closet and an office.

All you need is just an unused closet, wooden shelves, and a chair. When you’re not working, shut the doors away and continue to immerse yourself in other daily activities.

Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Does your house have an open-plan space, such as a living room or loft bedroom? If yes, give that corner a lick of paint to delineate your workspace and create an illusion of a bigger area. 

Regarding this function, it is undeniable that light shades work best, especially when the space is filled with sunlight. By reflecting the light and brightening up the area, they make your office appear more spacious and elegant.

Surprisingly, color choices also play a crucial role in working efficiency because of their psychological effects. 

Soft hues, with pink or gray nuance, for instance, are also recommended. They neutralize the space and offer a feeling of relaxation. If you’re majoring in a creative working environment, yellow, red, and orange make it perfect for stimulating your mental power.

In a word, what suits you most depends on your preferences, type of work, and your home’s interior decor.

How To Boost Your Productivity In A Small Home Office?

No matter where you are working, it is of importance to have a functional and productive office space. Here are our recommendations on using affordable materials.

Natural Light

Among all elements to ensure a small but efficient working space, let’s start with light!

Harvard Business Review has demonstrated numerous health benefits of natural light in the workplace.

More specifically, a corner with abundant sunlight can reduce eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, and drowsiness. Thanks to this healing power, you will become more concentrated, leading to fewer mistakes and higher productivity.

A floating curved shelf by the window can serve as an ideal spot to work on. Not only saving a lot of floor space, but this is also a smart choice when you consider a bright perch for work.

Plants And Greenery

Green colors always keep you fresh, calm you down, and wake your inspiration up!

What’s more, plants are shown to purify the air and absorb harmful radiation from computer screens.

Only several pots of ornamental plants can facilitate your perfect setup. They are conducive to achieving a modern look, breaking up the boredom, and adding a pleasing vibe.


Do you feel bored with your monotonous setup? We suggest hanging wallpapers as a way to break the rules and keep your budget in check.

Indeed, the theme of the stylish workspace reflects our personality. Small space dwellers can also maintain high aesthetics and create more inspiration to deal with your job.


We’ve provided trusted guidance on how to make a home office in a small space. Furthermore, several ways to utilize decorative home accessories are discussed so that your remote working can be better effective.

Now you can see that your small house can serve any function, including the home office. It all boils down to your creativity and aesthetics to make the best use of every square inch of your area.

Thanks for reading!