No home is complete without a bathroom. So, as mundane as their function may seem, bathrooms form an integral part of every home’s bodily hygiene. Every bathroom has the basics: hand towels, air fresheners, and hand sanitizer all come to mind. There are a few extras like water heaters and water softeners that are a definite must-have for every bathroom.

Water heaters

Water heaters go way back. Several ancient civilizations used heated baths including Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks and Asian nations such as Indonesia and Japan. Water heaters have come a long way since then with modern heaters offering safe and convenient access to hot water. Once the installation is complete, the simple flick of a switch allows hot water to flow down.
Water heaters

What to Look for in a Water Heater

There are several factors to consider when looking for a water heater. Check for specs like dimensions, capacity, and power input (electric or gas-powered). The power input, in particular, has a significant bearing on how big your power bill will be at the end of the month. Also, consider the type of material the heater is made of since this has a direct impact on the heater’s durability in the long run.

Some of the best water heaters on offer in 2019

The Westinghouse WGR050NG076 comes with a 50, 60 or 80-gallon capacity. This particular heater offers a whopping 97% thermal efficiency. This type of thermal efficiency means less energy wastage, and it can deliver hot water to several outlets and larger volumes of water for faster showers. With its stainless steel design, it offers both optimum functionality and pleasing aesthetics. A lightweight design makes this heater perfect for residential and commercial purposes.

The Westinghouse WER052C2X045N06 is an electric water heater that puts together energy efficiency and high-quality stainless steel design. These specifications allow for increased amounts of hot water without the expense of large amounts of energy consumption. A well thought out design minimizes the mixing of hot and cold by directing cold water to the heating element found close to the bottom of the tank. It comes with a 52-gallon tank and a six-year warranty for residential applications.

The Westinghouse Light Duty Electric Water Heater comes in three varieties of 40, 52 and 80 gallons. This heater possesses an adjustable thermostat enabling easy temperature control. A high limit control eliminates the risk of overheating. The heater allows for long draws of water without the drawback of high energy consumption. Its stainless steel design provides for high efficiency and longevity, both of which save a pretty penny.

Water softeners

Dry, flaky, and itchy skin or stained sinks could all point to a hard water problem. Well, fret no more. Water softeners are just the handy companion for such hard times (pun intended). Water softeners virtually eliminate magnesium and calcium ions utilizing an ion exchange with sodium and potassium ions. This process increases the span of clothes and pipes, meaning less time spent shopping for a new wardrobe or new plumbing.
Water softeners
When it comes to water softeners, there are four types of systems that are available in the market depending on requirements:

  1. Salt-based water softener system – This system eliminates hard water via the process of ion exchange. On top, the resin tank lays an electronic metered valve that is capable of measuring water by the gallon then running a cleaning cycle.
  2. Magnetic water softeners – These types of softeners use electromagnetic coils to separate magnesium and calcium particles that cause hardness in water. Rather than using salt to soften water, the system uses magnets that become operational when water comes within the proximity of these magnets.
  3. Reverse Osmosis system – A reverse osmosis system works by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane and thereby separating the contaminants that are then flushed away. This type of system is the ideal solution for improving odor, taste, and appearance of water.
  4. Salt-free water softener system – This system transforms magnesium and calcium rather than removing them entirely. This system, therefore, prevents the magnesium and calcium from precipitating into the scale and clinging to surfaces of the system.

More reasons to get a water softener

For starters, hard water wastes a lot of soap and detergent. Soap and detergent need to lather with water to carry out their cleaning function. Hard water forms scum with soap which makes rinsing a lot harder. Hard water also damages ceramics and glass utensils (say goodbye to your favorite China). Drinking hard water could also lead to fluorosis in the long term meaning discolored teeth and more dentists’ appointments.

Awesome water softeners

The Hansing Whole House Water Softener System with a high-efficiency water descaler. This water softener comes with a heavy-duty hard water filter that aims to reduce the amount of scale as well as providing chlorine for the showerhead, laundry, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and heater. It has softener media made from polysaccharide derived from coconut activated coal and fruit polysaccharides. The Hansing Water Softener System has a unique technology that inhibits the formation by 95-98% and removes chlorine levels by 99.5% while leaving in the necessary amount of magnesium and calcium that the body requires.
Awesome water softeners
The Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT that uses a regeneration process that is meter-based. This process means that water use is measured and the system only eliminates water hardness when water is required. This particular softener does well at removing iron-based compounds, namely ferric iron and ferric iron.

The Tier1 Everyday Series has an LCD that highlights any relevant information related to the operation of the system. With easy connect fittings on its drain line, brine line and power line, installation is quick and easy.

Water heaters and water softeners are designed to save time, money and energy. The convenience that both systems bring far outweighs the cost of their implementation. So, make these fantastic additions to your bathroom if you already haven’t. They’re more of a necessity than an addition. It’s a no brainer.