When you’re getting ready to move home you’ll have to decide between doing the job yourself or getting a removalist. It can be tempting to move yourself, but it’s time-consuming, stressful, and surprisingly hard work. That’s why many people opt for a removal service.

If you decide to use one, make sure that your Sydney removalists have a good reputation. You can check with friends and on social media. Paying a little extra for a reputable removalist increases the chances of your belongings getting to your new property in one piece. 

Of course, once you decide to use a removalist, you’ll find there are two types to consider. 

The Full-Service Removalist

This is the more expensive option but it also offers the least amount of stress. A full-service removalist will arrive at your home before the moving day. You’ll need to discuss with them what schedule works best for you.

It’s likely that a team of people will arrive and they will have boxes. They will then proceed to carefully wrap every item in your home and placed it into a box. In other words, they will pack the entire house for you. 

On moving day they’ll load the boxes and all your furniture into the van, ready to move your belongings to the new property.

Naturally, they’ll unload all your items at the other end and position furniture where you want it. However, they don’t generally unpack your belongings. This is left to you as you’ll have to decide where everything is going. 

Regular Removalists

In contrast, your regular removalists will arrive on moving day, ready to load your van. You can request moving boxes from them or buy/find your own ones. You’ll also need to carefully pack all your own belongings and make sure they are properly protected to minimize the risk of breakage in the move. 

The removalists will simply load the vehicle with your boxes and furniture and unload them at the other end. You’ll be left to handle everything else.

Don’t Forget Insurance

When you move home you are taking all your belongings and moving them from one place to another. That means there is a high risk of things getting broken along the way. The best removal firms will include insurance in their price. However, you’ll need to verify what the insurance covers, especially if you pack the boxes yourself. 

It is often advisable to get additional insurance to ensure all your items are protected during the move.

It’s an additional cost with a regular removalist that you may not incur with the full-service removalist. That is worth considering as it can help to cancel out the difference in cost. 

When you are looking to move it is always worth contacting your local removalist, they often have set tariffs for types of moves and you may be pleasantly surprised by their affordability. Asking for a quote is simple and you have nothing to lose.