If your house is equipped with a few simple security features that give potential intruders pause for thought, they won’t find you or your home obvious prey. By taking a few reasonable safety precautions, you can safeguard your home and your loved ones, while also potentially saving money on your insurance premiums.

Arm Yourself

Many US homeowners have a firearm or some other form of self-defense weapon in their possession. It is a very smart decision to be ready to protect yourself these days and having a firearm on hand is an excellent safeguard if you are concerned about being a target of home invasions or burglaries. Additional defensive and tactical firearm training may one day save your life because many handgun owners haven’t learned how to feel confident wielding their firearms in real-life situations. Instinctually knowing how to respond to a life-threatening situation is an invaluable skill.

When shopping for your firearm and accessories, consider buying ammo in bulk from trusted online retailers like BulkMunitions to give yourself plenty of rounds to get lots of practice in, and to get used to the feel, sound, and accuracy of using the firearm you choose.

Invest In a Security System

One of the best methods to keep burglars away from your home and to be notified if there has been an incident is to implement a security system throughout the house. According to evidence, there is a nearly threefold increased risk of burglaries when there is no security system in place. An excellent way to add an additional tier to your security system is deploying home security cameras outside because an invader is likely to flee if they see a surveillance camera. Higher-end cameras can detect motion around your garden or on your front porch, and your system can even send a notification to your cellphone about it. Security systems also do not need to be expensive and break the bank, as there are many excellent DIY security systems available to fit your specific budget and needs.

Light It Up!

The more light there is surrounding your house, the harder it is for intruders to get to your home at night without being noticed. Darkness is ideal for thieves. A house with lots of external lighting has a significantly lower chance of criminals risking a break-in. Keep a porch light on, put up a floodlight, and encourage your community to do the same to discourage intruders. Outdoor lights with motion sensors are yet another excellent approach to keep intruders away from your property at night. The best places to install motion sensor lighting are in and around your garage and around your home’s borders and entrances. 

Keep Your Garden Clear

Around your home, overgrown plants and vegetation provide ideal cover for potential burglars. By maintaining manicured, low-lying plants and bushes, you could get rid of any possible places a burglar can hide behind. The fewer hiding spots burglars have, the more potential there is that they will be caught performing the crime. Tree limbs should also be cut back and kept away from your house if you have more than a single floor because a tree is the ideal natural ladder for a fit-and-able burglar to use to get in and out of your home.

When researching how to defend your home against intrusion, knowledge is your ally.  If you are more conscious of your surroundings and weaknesses, you can address them and put off any potential intruders by making your home look like a target that is more trouble than your valuables are worth. Spend a bit of time beefing up your home security and your loved ones will be safer thanks to every little change you make.