Have you ever asked yourself: what is Hamptons style? If you have, you aren’t alone. A Hamptons style home is a home that places a large focus on entertainment and relaxation equally. The Hamptons style is classic yet casual, cool and contemporary.

The Hamptons style of decorating originated from the homes found in the East End of Long Island, New York. The style is known for its cool colours, chic feel, beach-house vibe, understated elegance and its nod to French Provincial styling.

Quintessential Features of a Hamptons Style Home

Hamptons style is extremely distinct. For a house to be considered a Hamptons home there are a few key elements that need to be present. From the lighting to the flooring—let’s take a look at what makes a Hamptons style home, well, a Hamptons style home.

The Colour Scheme

The Hamptons style is all about cool, calming whites with softening touches of neutral colours such as creams, greys, blues and linen tones. Shades of blue are most often found in Hamptons style homes, ranging from deep navy blues to duck egg blues.

The Mood

A Hamptons style home evokes a feeling of relaxation, is designed for entertaining and simply oozes a feeling of laid-back luxury all while remaining livable. The Hamptons style is flexible and can be applied to different tastes—from minimalist to glam.

The Lighting

Pendant lighting, sconce lights, chandeliers and both tabletop & floor lamps are vital components to achieving a Hamptons style interior. Natural lighting is highly emphasised in the Hamptons style of decorating so big windows and the inclusion of a skylight is not uncommon.

The Flooring

Classic timber flooring is almost always found in Hamptons style homes. The polished timber flooring is usually light in colour, but those who take a more modern approach to this classic style tend to opt for dark stained floors. Hampton style rugs of different shapes, colours and textures are used to compliment the flooring.

The Furnishings

The hamptons style furniture found within Hamptons style homes are classic, neutral and comfortable. You’ll find a lot of whitewashed wood furniture and cottons & linens in Hampton inspired homes. The addition of colour is introduced through soft furnishings and accessories.

Who Should Steer Clear of the Hamptons Style?

Hamptons Style Bedroom1
Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that evokes a feeling of permanently being on holiday? Well, as it turns out, this style of decorating isn’t ideal for everyone.

People who gravitate towards bold, bright colours and loud prints won’t be drawn to the Hamptons style trend at all. And while the calming atmosphere created by a Hamptons style of decorating is much appreciated by parents with young children, the abundance of white makes this an impractical choice for them.

How to Apply Hamptons Style to Your Home’s Interior

For an interior decorating style that evokes a feeling of such luxury, applying a Hamptons style to your home is surprisingly affordable and easy to achieve.

If you’re looking to promote a gentle Hamptons style undertone throughout your entire home, accessories will be your best friend. Use the following accessories to create a Hamptons style:

  • Hampton style rugs
  • Ornate mirrors
  • Cushions
  • Side or tray tables
  • Classically shaped lamps
  • Leafy green plants

If you don’t want to completely Hampton-ify your home just yet, consider focusing on one room at a time. We’ll be discussing the typical Hamptons style bedroom as well as the kitchen, living room and bathroom considerations. Here’s a room-by-room lowdown on what the different Hampton style rooms typically boast.

Hamptons Style Kitchen

A Hamptons style kitchen will consist of plenty of white, pendant lights, a benchtop and bar stools. You can play around with cabinetry by opting for closed-door shaker cabinets, glass paned cabinets or even open shelving. Complimentary elements such as nautical knick-knacks and Hampton style rugs are often added to complete the look & feel of the kitchen.

Hamptons Style Living Room

Hamptons style living rooms are notoriously light and airy. Soft, gentle shades of blue and grey are used to soften the traditional white walls & furnishings. A Hamptons style living room will feature oversized couches, a glass coffee table, bookshelves and plenty of open space. Colour is introduced by throws, cushions, Hampton style rugs and strategically placed flower vases housing green plants.

Hamptons Style Bedroom

A Hamptons style bedroom will always include a muted colour palate, an upholstered bedhead, an ottoman at the foot of the bed, bedside tables, a statement chandelier and a plethora of bed pillows. The typical colour scheme found in a Hamptons style bedroom can actually promote healthy sleep which is an added bonus.

Hamptons Style Bathroom

Hamptons Style Bedroom
A Hamptons style bathroom typically features neutrals colours, a vanity, framed mirrors, sconce lighting and tiling. You can introduce pops of colour in the form of towels, soaps, clear glass jars filled with seashells and Hampton style rugs. For added Hamptons style charm, consider wood paneling on your walls.

How to Apply Hamptons Style to Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re mad about Hamptons style and want everyone to know it, take your appreciation for Hamptons style outdoors. Here a few key aspects to consider when revamping your outdoor areas into a Hamptons style haven:

  • Add weatherboards to the exterior of your home for a truly Hamptons style exterior.
  • Organically extend your indoor colour scheme to your outdoor area. Whites, creams, beiges, greys, greens and blues are just as welcome outdoors as they are indoors.
  • Avoid over-accessorising and maintain a minimalistic feel. Use outdoor cushions for a pop of colour, hurricane lanterns for lighting and outdoor Hampton style rugs.
  • Place comfortable outdoor seating is such a way that conversation is facilitated, and relaxation is encouraged.
  • Keep your garden simple, neat and uniform & opt for plants that bloom white flowers such as magnolias or jasmine plants.


And there you have it: the answer to what is Hamptons style. After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what the Hamptons style is all about and how to incorporate this classic style into your own home.

Does the idea of a Hamptons style home float your boat or are you attracted to other styles more? Let us know your preference in the comments section below.