When you think about laying a new driveway or replacing an old one, the first question to be asked is which is the best type to lay.

The answer is not straightforward because everyone has different likes and dislikes. The type of driveway (look here for ideas: https://bullerdriveways.com/) you choose largely depends on your lifestyle and budget. You also need to take into account the amount of maintenance you are prepared to do.

It’s a good idea to make a list of the pros and cons of the different types before committing to one of them. Consider your own health when spreading gravel, and the amount of time you have for routine maintenance.

Let’s look at the options



This is normally the cheapest and quickest driveway to lay. You never have pools of water after a rain storm as it is very well draining.

Gravel does not need to be laid by an expert so it will save you money that way. Anyone who is in reasonably good health can move the gravel around to cover the area.

The disadvantage of gravel is that it is rough. You or the kids won’t be able to walk on it without shoes. You will also have weeds which pop up, unless you have first laid a liner to prevent this happening.



Also known as tar, this is more expensive than gravel but you will end up with a surface which is smooth.

Asphalt will need to be poured by a professional company as it is poured hot, so you will need to keep people and pets away from it until it cures. Here are some more advantages: https://eapa.org/advantages-of-asphalt/

The disadvantage is that just like roads, asphalt will crack and chip after time. You will need to repair and reseal the edges to keep it looking tidy.



Because of the costs and the labour, this is the most expensive type of driveway to lay. The advantage of concrete is that when it is done correctly the only maintenance you will have is to keep it clean.

Concrete will sometimes develop cracks which need to be filled but apart from that, it will last for many years.

Concrete can be patterned and even coloured to match your house and is also easy to clean.

The disadvantage of concrete is that it should be done by a professional so you need to allow for that cost.

To sum up

Before you commit to a driveway, you should be sure of how much you can afford. Take a good look at your house and consider the style which would look the best. Also consider how much time you have to maintain the driveway.

Not every person likes concrete, although this is the most durable. It is the most expensive but it lasts the longest and has the least maintenance. Something along the lines of ‘resin is also becoming a more popular driveway material. Resin driveways cost roughly the same as concrete too.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you as to which style suits your house and budget. It may be an idea to invest a little more for a driveway which will last a lot longer and require less upkeep.