An ideal family has one or two kids and two adults. The families with tiny homes often need a bunk bed for kids or a family bunk bed that can be used by everyone. The kids bunk beds are small size and suitable for the kids only. On the other hand adult bunk beds are large size and suitable for teenagers, adults and elderly people. The family bunk bed is a combination of kids and adult bunk beds, therefore it is ideal for entire family.

The babies and toddlers are used to sleep with their parents. As the kids grow older, you need to provide them a separate bed or a shared bed. You can fulfill your need of one or two beds for kids with help of a twin over queen bunk bed to give your kids a comfortable sleeping experience. It contains a twin bed on top and a queen size bed at bottom to accommodate multiple kids without any struggle.

What Makes An Ideal Family Bunk Bed?

Every family needs a bunk bed at least once in their lifetime. It can be because of their kids’ obsession towards bunk beds or lack of space in their home. Many people believe that the bunk beds are not safe but that is not true. Yes, there is a safety risk when kids are using bunk beds but you can eliminate the risk by teaching and training your kids how to use the bunk bed safely and what not to do on bunk beds.

When the kids are playing with their siblings and friends, they become naughty and forget about safety. So, it is important to teach your kids that they should never play carelessly on or around the bunk bed. At the time of purchase, you must check if the bunk bed has all the safety features because nothing is more important than your kids’ safety when sleeping on the bunk bed. Now, we are going to explains what makes an ideal family bunk bed to help you choose the best bunk bed for your kids.

  1. Sleeper Capacity
  2. Easy Access
  3. Weight Capacity
  4. Ladder with Flat Steps
  5. Stairs with Handrails
  6. Storage Drawers & Shelves
  7. Guardrails and Bed Slats

#1. Sleeper Capacity:

For two kids, you can buy a twin over twin bunk bed and for three or four kids, you should get a twin over full bunk bed or a twin over queen bunk bed with trundle. The best thing about twin over queen bunk beds is that you and your kids can sleep together on it. The top twin bed allows one child, the trundle bed allows one child and the queen size bed at bottom allows two kids or two adults. So, it can be a family bunk bed for stability, safety, comfort and convenience.

#2. Easy Access:

The bunk bed should be easy to access for everyone. The kids bunk beds are designed in a way to provide easy access to kids, but the large bunk beds are not suitable for kids. So, you need to find a twin over queen bunk bed that is easy to access for kids, teenagers, adults and everyone in your family. Only then it can be one of the best bunk beds for your family.

#3. Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity is the most important factor of any bunk bed. Before you decide to buy a bunk bed for kids or adults, you must know its weight capacity. The bunk beds provide different weight limit on each bunk and you need to check it carefully. You should buy a bunk bed that offers higher weight capacity than the existing weight of your kids and other family members. For example: you weigh 200 lbs and your two kids 120 lbs each, then you should buy a bunk bed that offers at least 175 lbs weight limit on upper bunk and 300 to 400 lbs weight limit on lower bunk.

#4. Ladder with Flat Steps:

A bunk bed is made of two bunks arranged in a stack. You can access the lower bunk directly from the floor surface. On the other hand, the upper bed can be accessed through a ladder which is included with the bunk bed. At the time of purchase, you should make sure that your selected bunk bed has an angled ladder with flat steps to provide safe climbing for kids. It is okay if the bunk bed has an integrated ladder with flat steps, it is also safe to use.

#5. Stairs with Handrails:

Some bunk beds come with a ladder, while some come with stairs. Honestly speaking, the stairway bunk beds are safer than the bunk beds with ladder. You should get a high quality bunk bed with stairs to let your kids climb up the stairs steps safely by taking support of handrails. The stairs increase the width of the bunk bed, so you need some extra space if you choose a bunk bed with stairs for your family.

#6. Storage Drawers & Shelves:

The bunk beds provide storage features like under-bed drawers, under-step drawers on stairs and open shelves on side of stairs. All the storage options allow you to store your needed stuff and your kids’ books, toys, comics and other things near the bunk bed. When you have a twin over queen bunk bed with storage at home, your kids can get their favorite toys from the bed drawers and hide them in drawers when they don’t want them.

#7. Guardrails and Bed Slats:

An ideal bunk bed for family should have 14-15-inch tall guardrails for added protection. The guardrails around the top bunk keep your child safe all the time and prevent unexpected accidents when the child is sleeping. The bed slats of the bunk bed must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of mattress and sleeper(s) without bending or cracking. Such high quality guardrails and bed slats make a family bunk bed for safe and long lasting use.

Wrapping Up:

In order to find an ideal bunk bed, you need to consider all the features you want and also check that the bunk bed is safe to use for kids. We have explained seven important factors that make a bunk bed ideal for entire family so that you can get clarity for your next purchase. If you still have a doubt or query regarding bunk beds then feel free to ask us in the comment box. We will reply with an answer as soon as possible.